Love Is Blind: Who’s Bartise’s Baby’s Mama, Date, & Girlfriend(?)

Love Is Blind: Who's Bartise's Baby's Mama & Possible Girlfriend

Love Is Blind and Perfect Match alumni Bartise Bowden showed off his newborn baby son “Hayden” to the LIB fanbase on the extremely delayed not-live reunion for season 4. Now fans wonder who Love Is Blind‘s Bartise’s girlfriend and/or baby mama of his son is? Well, detective fans are pretty confident they’ve found the mother of Bartise’s baby son Hayden. She certainly has an adorable baby boy who looks exactly like Bartise’s baby boy. However, it looks like Bartise is dating someone else other than his baby’s mama, recently going on a date with another lady from Dallas.

Bartise's recent date, Cait Vanderberry, a Dallas resident who may be the Perfect Match star's new girlfriend, but not his baby's mama

Bartise’s recent date, stunning brunette Cait Vanderberry, a Dallas resident who may be the Perfect Match star’s new girlfriend, but not his baby’s mama (Instagram).

On the reunion, fans were shocked and called Bartise’s appearance a “jump scare”, especially since his ex fiancée from Love Is Blind season 3, Nancy Rodriguez, was in the audience. However, Bartise revealed his baby boy a week prior to the reunion episode, where he asked the inappropriate question of when the season 4 couples were planning on having kids themselves. As if he were some sort of expert in being in a committed relationship and having kids when he apparently accidentally became a father.

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise’s Girlfriend Or Date Isn’t Baby Mama Olivia Gross

Bartise's baby son Hayden with his mom Olivia, also from Dallas

Bartise’s baby son Hayden with his mom Olivia, also from Dallas (TikTok).

Internet sleuths figured out Bartise’s baby mama is a young Dallas woman Olivia Gross. According to her TikTok (livigrl432), she worked as a hostess and cocktail waitress before having their baby and is currently age 26. Bartise’s baby mama also says she didn’t know she was pregnant the first five months of her pregnancy because she didn’t gain much weight. Bartise and Olivia’s baby boy is almost five months old, being born on on or around Dec. 27, 2022. Fans speculate the two met shortly after Bartise filmed Perfect Match in March 2022.

Bartise's baby son with his mom

Bartise’s baby son with his loving mom (TikTok).

Fans figured out who Bartise’s son’s mom was because some of his Instagram stories from Easter weekend showed the same indoor bench as the one in videos. On top of that, Olivia also calls the their baby Hayden Patrick. Bartise, age 27, has declared is going to be a great father to his son.

Fans Bash Bartise Dating New Potential Girlfriend, Another Dallas Woman Than His Baby’s Mama

Bartise's date this week in Dallas

Bartise’s date this week in Dallas (Instagram).

On Thursday, April 20, Bartise posted himself eating at a restaurant in the Dallas Reunion Tower (which has a view of the city below) with a mystery date. Dallas local Cait Vanderberry posted on her Instagram at the same restaurant at the same time. “Your phone is on the table in front of you… who’s phone took the pic?” Bartise teased in her comments.

Bartise giving cheers with his date Cait in Dallas

Bartise giving cheers with his date Cait in Dallas (Instagram).

Love Is Blind Redditors figured out they were on the date together from one of Vanderberry’s Instagram stories showing her hand with a drink and Bartise’s hand and bracelets he also had in his pictures. Vanderberry turned age 29 on Dec. 22, 2022 and is a successful strategic customer success manager. She recently bought herself and Audi SUV and is a proud mom to her fur baby Dobermann dog.

“Wait, that’s not the mother of his child…? So much for the family values speak by him and his crying family. Using his kid as a TV prop one night, then in the streets the next. He is such a loser,” a top Reddit comment from an anonymous LIB fan read.

Bartise's possible girlfriend Cait celebrating her 29th birthday

Bartise’s possible girlfriend Cait celebrating her 29th birthday (Instagram).

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