Love Is Blind: What Happened To Alexa And Brennon After Show

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Alexa And Brennon After Show

Love Is Blind fans are left wondering what happened to Alexa and Brennon Lemieux after news emerged that SK (Sikiru) Alagbada and Raven Ross are officially over after cheating allegations. They wanted a pair to cheer for after the other couples were caught up in varying degrees of controversy. However, alleged receipts of SK’s cheating came to light. The only other married couple Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton are finally getting fans to shut up about baseless emotional abuse allegations. The less said about Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett‘s Johnny Depp/Amber Heard situation, the better. As for Bartise Bowden, he’s probably going to deal with people insulting him by deliberately getting his name wrong with hilarious nicknames for the rest of his life.

Alexa and Brennon have their haters who criticize Brennon for violating the bro code by not defending Cole. There are also critics who attack Alexa for her outspokenness and for sometimes flaunting her wealth. Other fans love the couple and go so far as to say that they prefer them to Lauren and Cameron.  Alexa and Brennon (mostly Alexa) aren’t scared to clap back at their detractors, however. Let’s see what the season 3 couple MVPs have been up to in their first year and a half of their marriage.

What Happened To Alexa And Brennon? Love And Learning

Brennon and Alexa getting in the Christmas spirit early in 2022 After Love Is Blind

Brennon and Alexa getting in the festive mood for Christmas in 2022 after getting married on Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

All visible signs show that everything is smooth sailing for Alexa and Brennon. Unlike Colleen and Matt (who are waiting for their leases to expire), they’ve already moved in together in Dallas. The transition has been pretty conflict-free, save for a fight or two about Alexa not doing the dishes. Their Instagram feeds are all wedded bliss. Brennon’s gotten a fashion upgrade and Alexa’s sporting her cowboy hat more often. They do boring fun couple stuff like go to farmers markets and Dallas Mavericks NBA games.

Brennon Partying With Alexa's Rich Dad Adam Alfia

Brennon partying with Alexa’s rich dad Adam Alfia (Netflix).

Brennon also gets along well with Alexa’s wealthy father Adam Alfia, recently partying at what looks like one of Adam’s club businesses.

We also learned that Brennon’s family can equal and surpass the Alfias when it comes to partying hard. Apparently, Brennon tries to pick Alexa up in bars (since he never had the chance to in real life). He also narrates conversations between their dogs. Alexa’s little sister Emma has definitely bonded with Brennon and the two of them are upgrading their cooking skills by learning how to make sushi.

Alexa & Brennon Spending Time With Her Little Sister Emma

Alexa & Brennon spend lots of time with Alexa’s little sister Emma (Instagram).

Brennon & Alexa Hit A Few Minor Bumps In Their Marriage After Love Is Blind Season 3

However, there have been a few adjustments. Because they talked about it on the show, we spent a lot of time wondering if Brennon was going to convert to Judaism for Alexa. However, according to this report, that plan was abandoned because Brennon didn’t feel comfortable going through with it and Alexa wasn’t going to force him. In fact, the two of them wore red and green in front of a lit-up Christmas tree for their 2021 holiday photo. Alexa’s Instagram also reveals that the infamous pre-nup never materialized either. There are plans for Brennon and his self-proclaimed redneck family to travel with the Alfias to Israel in Summer 2023. Additionally, the two of them are still working on adding to their enormous blended family. Will they have the first Love is Blind baby? They’ve already teased that it’s a real possibility sooner than later.

Brennon and Alexa also stay close with Matt and Colleen from the show. They hangout fairly regularly in Dallas. The two successful LIB season 3 couples even take vacations together.

Brennon & Alexa Hit Back At The Haters

It’s no surprise that the two have very different methods of dealing with online trolls. Brennon prefers hilarious Instagram captions and showing the critics just how much of a blast he’s having while they stay mad. Alexa is quick to directly engage and is not afraid to use her potty mouth as a weapon. In this interview, she shoots down the common accusation that she’s Brennon’s boss. She says, “I keep seeing stupid posts from men saying I’m running the relationship. And I’m like, “Sir, I would never even look at you. I’m not going to take your advice.” Damn! Alexa has also resolved to be more outspoken about her Jewish identity in response to anti-Semitic threats and messages.

Despite this, haters will seize on the fact that Alexa seems to talk more in interviews as proof that she never lets Brennon talk. They also imply that she even writes his Insta captions. With fans calling for a spinoff showing what happened to Alexa and Brennon, this couple will be the focus of online attention for a long time to come. We can’t wait for an update to see how Brennon and Alexa are doing on the After The Altar episode.

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