Love Is Blind: Who Is Ariel Gomerez From Season 6

Love Is Blind: Who Is Ariel Gomerez From Season 6

With just days to go until Love Is Blind Season 6 wraps, several juicy plot threads are coming to light. This rather meh on-screen season was greatly improved by behind the scenes revelations. If you were only seeing what was in front of the camera, you weren’t even getting half the story. Pod people have been up to some pretty shady things behind the scenes. Love Is Blind detectives have unearthed the possibility of the controversial Jessica Vestal having a whole other pod connection. Everyone remembers Jess from the infamous Epi-Pen comment to her crush Jimmy Presnell. Knowing that there was another man vying for Jess’ affections puts this comment in a whole different context.

Jess’s appearance on Perfect Match Season 2 is yet to be determined. She even dated Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey for a time after meeing on the show. For now, we have her appearance on the Viall files where she talks about being close to another season 6 pod prospect. This mystery man is very much Jess’ type, “extremely tall” and “at least six [feet] two.” She also said she prefers men with beards and tattoos. Looking over the full men’s roster for this season, one fellow strongly matches this physical profile. Reality gossip investigator Story Time With Rikki confirms that mortgage broker Ariel Gomerez was Jess’s runner-up. But who is Ariel Gomerez from Love Is Blind season 6 anyway?

Who Is Ariel Gomerez? Age, Mortgage Broker Job, IG, Fandom, Pet, Pool Hobby, Show Friendship

Jess's purported boyfriend Ariel fits the bill of her type

Jess’s purported boyfriend Ariel fits the bill of her type with several tattoos (Instagram).

Ariel, age 32, is a self-proclaimed jokester who apparently was concerned about getting approval from Jess’s daughter before proposing. Licensed with Green River Mortgage, Ariel practices in five states (New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut and of course North Carolina.) He does have an Instagram, but his follower count is fairly low at 3,600 as of writing and the post count is sparse at ten. Considering how good Jess is at stirring the pot online, we’ll see how much it changes. Ariel calls himself a huge Adele stan (underline included) and he does feature her music in his IG stories, but is also a big Drake fan, attending one of his concerts. Jess is an even bigger Drake fan, almost exclusively using Drake songs for social media clips, reading his book, wearing his clothes, and quoting his lyrics.

Ariel, actually a strong Champagne Papi lookalike, appears to like the simpler things in life: Gordo the Rottweiler (his pet dog), the gym, and playing pool with his buddies.

Ariel appears to have one sister, actress Stephanie. He is something of a performer himself, as he has a story of himself doing open mic night at a comedy club. Another photo has him demonstrating some mic skills in the middle of a large crowd. A rap battle? A musical performance? It’s not clear, but there are many women in the audience. Still another story has him on the golf course, and another has him chilling out with Clay Gravesande, his bro from the pods. Ariel takes his business very seriously as he features many positive reviews from clients on IG as well.

Who Is Ariel Gomerez? Tattoos, Work History, LinkedIn, Baseball

Ariel performing standup

Ariel performing standup (Instagram).

Since Ariel’s tattoos are what attracted Jessica initially, let’s talk a bit about those. On his left arm and shoulder there is a detailed drawing of a cross (on the shoulder) and a lion. He does have another on his left pec, but since he favors baggy hoodies, jackets, or business casual it’s hard to see it in full.
Ariel was interviewed by Raleigh Magazine about his time on the show. He says he was between two women himself but he “talked himself out” of the connections. He also reveals that he is a former restauranteur, as he opened up a V’s Pizza location in Raleigh with his friend Anthony. Ariel’s LinkedIn shows that he has worked for another mortgage company, Silver Fin, since 2015 and he only started with Green River 9 months ago. He has a two-year bachelor in Finance from liberal arts college Waldorf University in Iowa. Apparently he was on the university baseball team while there. Could Ariel and Jess be a long term thing? It’s probably up to Jess’s daughter Autumn more than anything.

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