Captain Lee Picks Favorite Below Deck Season & Explains Why

Captain Lee Picks Favorite Below Deck Season & Explains Why

Bravo reality TV star Captain Lee Rosbach revealed on his podcast his favorite season helming a yacht on Below Deck. Ever since getting let go from his lead role on Below Deck, Captain Lee has kept busier than ever. Besides starring in Bravo commentary show Couch Talk With Captain Lee And Kate, with former co-star Kate Chastain, and hosting real-life series on murders at sea called Deadly Waters (coming out later in 2024 on Oxygen), Captain Lee makes a weekly podcast called Salty With Captain Lee. On the latest episode, Captain Lee picked Below Deck season 1 as his favorite season.

On most episodes of his show Salty, Captain Lee talks about Bravolebrities with his co-host and personal assistant Sam DeCavalcanti. At the end of episodes, Captain Lee answers fans’ questions about his time as a captain on Below Deck. This time around, fans wanted to know which of his 10 seasons on the show was his favorite. Without skipping a beat to think about it, Captain Lee said Below Deck season 1 was his all-time favorite to film.

Captain Lee Picks Favorite Below Deck Season & Explains Why

“The first one because no one knew what to expect and none of us knew what we were doing. From the interior, from the producers down to the PAs, it was just fly by the seat of your ass. And take feedback from network, from production, take it from the camera guys, take it from the PAs, put it all together and keep trying to make a good TV show,” Captain Lee said.

“Nobody had ever filmed on a moving boat before. No crew had had a film crew onboard a boat before. So it was just a whole host of firsts… That’s what made it fun, the spontaneity of it. Because there were a lot of things that happened in season 1, where, now choreographed is a bad word, but where you expected a certain reaction and got another. And someone went in the control room and said, ‘I [bleeping] love it. That’s great! Keep it in.'”

Fans will recall the Below Deck season 1 cast included struggling and grew Chief Stewardess Adrienne Gang, wild partier and drinker Kat Held, and beloved Chef Ben Robinson. The first season also included the charter guests who got kicked off for likely doing cocaine aboard the superyacht.

“It was very unadulterated to say the least. And that’s what made it fun. I was kind of getting in trouble a lot… I’ve always had issues with authority [laughs],” Captain Lee added about why season 1 was his favorite.

In a previous Salty episode, Captain Lee revealed two season 1 charter guests — who were married to other people — got caught hooking up in the hot tub.

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