Below Deck Season 10 Reunion: 5 Reasons Why Bravo Canceled It

Below Deck Season 10 Reunion: 5 Reasons Why Bravo Canceled It

The Below Deck season 10 reunion is reportedly canceled and fans want to know the reasons why Bravo decided to scrap it entirely despite the show’s popular ratings.

Despite the apparent cancelation, Bravo announced Captain Lee Rosbach will appear on What What Happens Live‘s Andy Cohen on Monday, March 27, at 10 PM EST. Reports claim Captain Lee is being given a sendoff by the network because they decided to force retire the OG captain to replace him on Below Deck season 11. Typically the reunion for the latest season would air the following week of the finale. Perhaps Cohen will shed some light on why Below Deck season 10 isn’t getting a reunion on his show.

The latest charter season provided boatloads of drama that Cohen could’ve dove into with the crew, There was enough drama to justify two Below Deck season 10 reunion episodes. Fired deck-stew Camille Lamb‘s feud with fellow fired Second Stew Alissa Humber in the first half of the season needed to get explored with both parties. Camille’s relationship with Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby fizzling out after their romantic trip to the Dominican Republic. Also, we want more answers on what happened to Ben’s love triangle with Camille and replacement stew Leigh-Ann Smith. Also getting more info on how immature Bosun Ross McHarg mistreated Katie Glaser during their onscreen boatmance. Also, fans want to know about why Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Captain Sandy Yawn constantly argued with each other on the show.

Well, unless Bravo changes course, we’ll never get closure on those Below Deck season 10 storylines and so much more. Here are five reasons why Bravo likely canceled the Below Deck season 10 reunion episode.

1. Chef Rachel Hargrove Wouldn’t Attend The Below Deck Season 10 Reunion Episode

In the summer of 2022, Chef Rachel Hargrove attacked the “bullies” at Bravo and quit the reality TV network. She also trashed Below Deck, despite starring in three seasons.

The mercurial culinary wizard also made it clear she had no plans to attend a reunion if Bravo hosted one. Fans will be left wondering if show producers gave Chef Rachel a bad edit as revenge or if she really started to drop her cooking standards in the latter half of Below Deck season 10.

2. Stew Alissa Humber Also Expressed Hesitation In Participating In Below Deck Season 10 Reunion

Fans described Alissa’s behavior as bullying on Below Deck season 10. Bravo viewers also thought her insubordination towards Captain Sandy to be terribly rude. Most fans thought she deservedly got fired. However, Alissa is pretty defiant and said she wasn’t sure about attending a reunion. Apparently fans won’t get to know more about how Alissa believes Camille acted in alleged racist defiance to her seniority.

However, Alissa did previously go on Watch Happens Live before it was revealed she was fired on season 10.

3. Below Deck Season 10 Returning Cast Filming Below Deck Season 11 Likely Couldn’t Attend

The news about the Below Deck season 10 reunion episode being canceled first broke when Alissa leaked an email from a Bravo rep telling the cast members it was canceled due to “scheduling issues”. Well, reports confirm Fraser and Ben from season 10 were filming in the waters off Grenada for Below Deck season 11. Two of the most important cast members would likely have very limited availability to attend the reunion, and only virtually at that.

4. Bravo Likely Wanted To Protect Below Deck Stars From Controversies

Alissa Humber has repeatedly alluded to an unfair double standard on how Camille was fired compared to her. So Captain Sandy, Camille and other crew members could’ve faced some tough questions regarding racial discrimination. Considering Bravo had to weather a storm from fans when Below Deck season 9’s Chief Stew Heather Chase used the n-word in front of Black deckhand Rayna Lindsey, the network could’ve wanted to avoid the liability of another racism imbroglio.

On top of that, Leigh-Ann revealed Ben played and ghosted her. She released a video of clips of her dating Ben for a month while they lived together in Florida, after he got dumped by Camille. Bravo tends to promote a positive image of returning Below Deck stars, and Ben playing Leigh-Ann doesn’t exactly help the returning cast member’s good guy image.

5. Captain Lee Was Forced To Retire And May Have Declined to Attend, Other Cast Busy

Other Below Deck season 10 cast members may not have wanted to or couldn’t attend the planned reunion episode. Captain Lee’s online argument with Captain Sandy and his being forced to retire could’ve soured his desire to attend. Yes, he’s now joining Andy on WWHL on his own, but that likely took some persuading on the network’s part. On top of that, Ross and other crew members will work as yachties and may have had scheduling conflicts which would’ve made it difficult to attend in person if not at all.

Regardless the reasons for Bravo canceling Below Deck season 10’s reunion episode, fans are outraged the network canceled it without properly informing the audience.

For the first time in a longtime there won’t be an active season of Below Deck airing on Bravo. Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 premieres on Monday, April 10.

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