Love Is Blind: Chelsea & Kwame Married, Per Marriage Certificate

Love Is Blind: Chelsea & Kwame Married, Per Marriage Certificate

Despite Love Is Blind season 4‘s speech language pathologist Chelsea Griffin and former pro soccer player Kwame Appiah not getting off to the best start on their romantic getaway at the hotel resort in Tulum, Mexico, the engaged couple go the distance of the show according to their marriage certificate. Marketing campaign manager Micah Lussier caught Kwame’s attention the most in the pods. However, Micah decided to ditch their spark for environmental scientist Paul Peden, but appears to have buyer’s remorse since seeing Kwame in person. The two flirted shamelessly together while their partners looked on in disbelief. Yet, Chelsea and Kwame married, despite his devotion to Chelsea wavering.

Not only that, Love Is Blind season 4 sees a record three couples tie the knot at the altar.

Love Is Blind Season 4’s Chelsea And Kwame Married At The Altar On Show

Kwame trying to alleviate tension after Chelsea called him out for flirting with Micah

Kwame trying to alleviate tension after Chelsea called him out for flirting with Micah (Netflix).

Love Is Blind season 4 previews for new episodes show’s Kwame and Chelsea in for a bumpy ride back in Seattle when meeting each other’s families and planning their wedding day. Micah showing up again to hit on Kwame.

“I think about you, I worry about you. I’m hoping that you’re happy,” Micah tells Kwame back in Seattle. “Do you feel like you’re questioning [your relationship]?” she adds.

Unless it’s a sneaky edit or Chelsea didn’t see this latest side conversation, she grins and bears it. King County’s official online records shows “Appiah Kwame” and “Griffin Chelsea Lauren” filed their marriage application on April 26, 2022. The couple’s marriage certificate was issued on May 24, 2022.

“I’m not sacrificing what I want, but I am compromising,” Kwame tells her in the preview for future Love Is Blind season 4 episodes.

“Welcome to marriage,” Chelsea tells him.

It’s too early to tell if Kwame ended up being as big a fan of fiancée Chelsea as he is of his favorite UK soccer team with the same name.

Kwame Faces Backlash From Love Is Blind Fans

Twitter and Reddit are dragging Kwame for his behavior so far on the show. In the pods, he said he thought about calling himself “Alex” so that girls wouldn’t show prejudice towards him for being Black.

Fans also found it super disrespectful how he held Micah’s hand by the pool and flirted with her for over 20 minutes.

“I don’t think he’s attracted to her, I notice she talks about being into him a lot and there’s so awkward silence before he responds. It looks like he’s more into her loving him than really into her,” said one Netflix viewer on Reddit.

We’ll have to wait and see how Kwame and Chelsea’s relationship progressed leading up to the altar. Did editors’ play a sleight of hand on viewers to make it look like Kwame and Chelsea aren’t solid? Or is Kwame and Chelsea’s relationship destined for divorce?

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