Love Is Blind’s Irina: IG, Job, TikTok, Age, Birthday, More

Love Is Blind's Irina: IG, Job, TikTok, Age, Birthday, More

Described by fans of the show as the messiest contestant ever, Love Is Blind’s Irina Solomonova has emerged as the female villain of the season thus far. Her bestie Micah Lussier might overtake her now that Irina seems to be out of the picture for good on Love Is Blind Season 4. Chosen by criminal defense attorney Zack Goytowski over her rival Bliss Poureetezadi, the main thing Irina had going for her is that Zack was sure she wouldn’t judge him. Unfortunately for Zack, that’s exactly what Irina did as soon as they met face to face for the first time. Put off by Zack’s awkwardness and “cartoon character” looks, Irina tried to hide (not hard at all actually) the ick she got from her fiancé. However, Zack quickly realized how badly he messed up despite trying to make it work with Irina.

Mean girl Irina did herself no favors by flirting with environmental scientist and her bestie’s fiancé Paul Peden, as Zack could only look on and shake his head. Zack also knew she was being cruel to Bliss, but ignored the obvious red flags out of a sense of safety. Irina herself seemed to have little to no insight into why she was treating Zack this way. At least she didn’t prolong things any more than she did. Let’s learn what we can about this brutally blunt Russian American.

Love Is Blind’s Irina: Event Planner Job, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Pet, Family, Faith

Irina posing for a pic

Irina posing for a pic (Instagram).

In her defense (we guess) Irina did warn us to buckle up for an emotional roller coaster, as shown in this Tudum article. Irina describes herself as “driven, creative and passionate” and that’s certainly true. At the young age of 26, she’s the owner of Solo Co., her own event planning business. Previously, the business seems to be known as Life At The Table. Irina likes to fly solo mostly, with her pet kitty and a few besties sharing the frame with her. However, you might find it difficult to find the names of anyone she’s with. This extends to her three siblings (two brothers and one sister), her dad, and her best friend. We did manage to find the name of her favorite niece, little Liz, who is a devout Harry Potter fan.

Love Is Blind season 4 star Irina with her two brothers and sister

Love Is Blind season 4 star Irina with her two brothers and sister (Instagram).


Rebrand for @zionbloomstudio

? original sound – Irina Solo

Irina’s birthday is on November 15, which makes her a Scorpio, who are known for being focused, secretive and determined (perhaps ruthless in her case, too). We do know from looking at interviews that she maintains a strong friendship with Micah. Irina has hinted at her struggles with anxiety and there are some references to hiding behind a smile. You also have to look closely for hints that she relies on her Christian faith for support.

Love Is Blind’s Irina: Instagram and Tiktok

Irina posing for the camera

Irina posing for the camera (Instagram).

Irina’s Instagram shows that she loves nature, fine food, candles, and rocking her cowboy hat. She posts very short captions mostly and she likes to let the picture speak for itself. It’s clear that Irina loves to lose herself out on the water and in the sun. Periodically, she shows herself snowboarding or vacationing in Hawaii or Tijuana.

Irina’s TikTok is a lot more business focused and you can see the effort she puts into making her clients’ special moments something they will remember. Other times, she shows us her morning routine or getting together with her friends.


Come along with me for a morning in my life. Wait this was kinda fun to do, but why doni say “um” “like” and “ literally” every 2 seconds ???#seattle #tacoma #coffee #dayinmylife #loveisblindnetflix

? original sound – Irina Solo

Irina may not have fared well in the pods, but you can respect that she is who she is and didn’t feel the need to hide it.

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