When Love Is Blind Season 4 Filmed: Pods To Weddings End Date

When Love Is Blind Season 4 Filmed: Pods To Weddings End Date

Netflix typically takes a long time to release reality TV shows from the time production crews finish filming shows. Love Is Blind season 1 filmed in the fall of 2018 and finished filming on Nov. 15 in Atlanta. It didn’t get released until February 2020, so basically a year and a half later. In the case of Love Is Blind Season 4, the show took a little less than a year to begin airing from when filming started in early 2022. Let’s take a closer look at when Love Is Blind season 4 filmed with all the public evidence available.

Before filming started, casting looked for the 30 singles in the Seattle area looking to find their partner as Love Is Blind season 4 cast members.

When Love Is Blind Season 4 Filmed: Dates For California Pods, Mexico Resort & Seattle Weddings

Love Is Blind season 4’s filming began in the pods in California in late March, despite incorrect reports the show filmed in May 2022 and was still filming in September. Viewers need look no further than Bliss Poureetezadi making cupcakes to celebrate Zack Goytowski‘s birthday in the pods. Zack’s birthday is on April 2nd. At that point in filming they had spent several days in the pods already.

Love Is Blind cast members have 10 days to find their soulmate, sight unseen, in the pods. So the filming in the pods began in the last days of March 2022, and ended in early to mid-April. The romantic getaway at a resort in Tulum, Mexico, took place in mid-April. The couples only had a few weeks to meet families back in Seattle and plan their wedding day.

Public records from King County (a part of Seattle) shows all the couples applied for marriage certificates near the end of April on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, as well as May 2nd. However, of the Love Is Blind season 4 couples who got married, they all had to wait at least three days after getting their wedding application — according to Washington State law — before they could have their wedding day. All the couples who got married received their marriage certificates on May 24th. So all the couples’ wedding days took place in early and mid May.

The Love Is Blind season 4 couples were still filming by May 7th living together in the shared apartments in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Find out more about all the locations where Love Is Blind season 4 filmed here.

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