Jewish Matchmaking’s Nakysha: Everything to Know About Her

Jewish Matchmaking's Nakysha: Everything to Know About Her

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Nakysha Mays-Osadchey split the fanbase right down the middle. Some loved her positive attitude, confidence, and refusal to compromise. Her being a plus-sized, biracial Jew earned the show major points. Many specifically mentioned her when talking about the show’s diversity. Others criticized her for what seemed like a double standard, as she specifically asked for a physically fit partner while she was very much the opposite. Considering how much hate Ori Basly got for wanting women with blue eyes only, these critics have a point. However, we saw how she was willing to at least give men who didn’t fit her criteria a chance. This may have been the difference maker between her and Ori. However, there’s a lot the show didn’t show us about Nakysha. With that in mind, here is Jewish Matchmaking’s Nakysha: Everything to know about her.

Jewish Matchmaking’s Nakysha: Age, Motorcycle, Dancing, Music, Family, Weight Loss

Jewish Matchmaking star Nakysha striking a pose for the camera

Jewish Matchmaking star Nakysha striking a pose for the camera (Instagram).

The only Jew of color in her hometown of Kansas, 26-year-old Nakysha may be young but has a lot of experience. She’s a skilled cook and avid motorcycle rider. According to a post on Nakysha’s Instagram, she favors a Harley-Davidson 1200 XLC. You can also find Nakysha’s Reverbnation  profile, where she states she has been making music since the age of 12. She has also been dancing for a long time, as you can see a pic of little Nakysha dancing like no one’s watching on her IG. You can also find some of her more recent performances, like Dance in the Park Kansas City. She is also involved with the City In Motion Dance Theatre, and you can see a piece she produced here. She talks about her love of Latin dancing on the show, such as meringue.

We met Nakysha’s mom Julie Osadchey on the show. We can see that Julie was the one who passed down her love of motorcycle riding to her daughter from Julie’s FB. Julie is the owner and operator of Salon 4517 in Kansas City. Nakysha’s father, John Mays, sadly passed away at the age of 42. His obituary can be found here. Nakysha has also been working hard to lose weight. According to a message posted on Nakysha’s TikTok, she is down 50 pounds since filming Jewish Matchmaking. 

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Nakysha: Is Nakysha Still With Evan?

Nakysha’s super fun date with Evan Carmusin was one of the highlights of the show. They had great banter and seemed really into one another. Evan offered to clean if Nakysha cooked, he brought her flowers, and they were super into each other’s tattoos. (Btw just as a review: Nakysha has one on her finger that says “love”, a Star of David tattoo on her back, and a “love thy skin” tattoo on her waist.) For his part, Evan has actually commented on a Reddit thread where he says he will update in a week or so. However, even though Nakysha said that Evan was everything she was looking for, they are likely not together. They don’t follow each other on Instagram and Nakysha, who was eager to leave Kansas, is still living there.

Long distance relationships are really hard to maintain, as we’ve seen from Netflix’s other reality TV shows like Indian Matchmaking and Perfect Match. Even though Evan put forth a strong effort the fact remains that his North Carolina home would have made meetups difficult. He has confirmed on his IG that he and Nakysha at least made it to the second date. Maybe they are just taking a break? We’ll watch and see what Evan reveals in a week’s time.

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