Jewish Matchmaking: What Happened To Fay & Shaya After Show

Jewish Matchmaking: What Happened To Fay & Shaya After Show

Jewish Matchmaking stars Shaya Rosenberg and Fay Brezel decided to go their separate ways after they realized they weren’t compatible due to Shaya having less “religiosity” or frumkeit than Fay. Netflix viewers were sad to see the prospective couple not work out as they thought they looked cute together. So what happened to Fay and Shaya after the two called it quits after few dates on Jewish Matchmaking? Let’s find out what the two cast members are up to a year after filming the show.

Shaya proposed to his girlfriend, Hoovee, and got engaged the day Jewish Matchmaking released on Netflix. His fiancée was totally taken by surprise when Shaya took her to the restaurant where they had their first date.

Shaya Got Engaged After Jewish Matchmaking Aired On Netflix

Shaya at his engagement party with fiancee Hoovee, Fay and Aleeza

Shaya at his engagement party with fiancée Hoovee, Aleeza and Fay (Instagram).

“She had no idea she planned her own proposal. I told her I had a DMV appointment which happened to be located near the rooftop bar where we went on our first date. When I got to the DMV I said that my appointment got canceled and we should got for a drink. She googled local bars and got soo excited that Teraza Restaurant just a block away. Perfect. Took this video on the way to the bar where I had arranged a proposal setup,” Shaya said in an Instagram story.

Hoovee was completely tricked in the video they took going to the restaurant. Shaya said on Instagram the two started dating on Sept. 22, 2022, and dated for seven months before getting engaged. He admitted it was longer than typical for the Jewish orthodox community, where dating and getting engaged happen on a very fast timeline, but he wanted to wait for the show to come out so there wouldn’t be any “confusion”.

On Monday, May 8, Shaya, a 29-year-old real estate lease broker based in Brooklyn, and Hovee held and engagement party where matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom and Fay were invited, showed up and had a great time. Shaya actually visited Aleeza in Tel Aviv for dating advice after meeting Hoovee and said it helped his blossoming relationship.

“I had the honor of going to his engagement party tonight and it was incredible. Shaya and Huvi are the absolute sweetest together and I couldn’t be happier for them!” Fay said. Looks like no hard feelings between the two co-stars upon not working out after their few dates. Apparently Fay and Shaya secretly had a third date without cameras that got them in trouble with Jewish Matchmaking production where they further discussed their differences on religion.

Jewish Matchmaking Star Fay Is An Entrepreneur With Her Own Mental Health Wellness Business

Fay is a licensed mental health counsellor and entrepreneur. She’s currently single and focusing on building her business, OKclarity. Fay bills it as the only Jewish online mental health and wellness directory. She also posts inspirational videos on her Instagram.

Fay also explained why she decided to go on a reality TV show despite much of the show not being appropriate for an Orthodox audience. She wanted to go on the show to “glorify God’s name” or Kiddush Hashem by showing how “truly beautiful being a frum Jew is.”

Fay has an interesting position on watching the show
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Fay, Shaya, Aleeza and much of the rest of the Jewish Matchmaking cast are going to a party for the show in Brooklyn on Wednesday, May 17.

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