Love Is Blind: Clay’s Mom Margarita Wows Viewers With Her Grace

Love Is Blind: Clay's Mom Margarita Wows Viewers With Her Grace

Love Is Blind season 6 viewers can’t stop raving about how amazingly poised and graceful Clay’s mom Margarita “Maggie” was on the show. The wisdom she imparted on her son Clay Gravesande and ex husband Trevor Gravesande impressed fans. Her well-spoken choice of words and the way she carried herself at the failed wedding amazed the Love Is Blind fanbase.

“I always was a momma’s boy,” Clay told her while they were waiting to walk down the aisle together to the altar.

“You always will be,” Margarita said. “But you look good, and I’m proud of you. You know, whatever your decision is, I support you completely. This is grandma’s ring, I wanted to make sure she was here. She’s a silent partner… Just yield into your feelings, you know? You are amazing. You guys look good, I can’t wait to see her. And when you see her, you’re going to get emotional, I’m telling you, because it’s something about seeing her walk down the aisle. I don’t know what it is, but it is something powerful.”

Despite her support and hope her son had found the love of his life, Clay couldn’t overcome his doubt of the institution of marriage. His dad’s messed up behavior of having him tag along on his romantic getaway trysts had a profound impact on Clay.

True to her word, though, his mom Maggie supported him in his decision.

“I want to make sure we’re crystal clear on what I’m about to say. Your dad and I were almost married for 25 years. You do not get to this point and think that you need to be forced with the I do. Because at the end of the day, it’s what’s in here. And if you’re not 100 percent sure here, don’t ever cross that line.”

However, she had harder words to convey to Clay’s philandering father.

Love Is Blind Season 6: Clay’s Mom Margarita Wows Fans With Grace She Showed His Dad

“Part of what he’s struggling with, he struggles with a marriage… Is it sacred? Do you honor? He struggles with that.”

Despite Clay’s dad making excuses for himself about his past highly inappropriate behavior, Maggie didn’t raise her voice and let him know she forgave him. Instead she wanted him to make things right with Clay so their son could heal from his trauma.

“Listen, I’ve always told you I forgave you. But there are things that had came out in the end that I did not know about until this experience. I was hurt. Again, I’m divorced from you, but things that he shared with me that I did not know. So that’s why I’m saying he took a lot on his back. And although we came from broken families, that doesn’t mean we have to pass on that brokenness to our kids.

Love Is Blind Redditors were just wowed by Clay’s mom’s calm confidence and wisdom.

“Clay’s mom is honestly the mom I wish I had. Wow that support, the wisdom. The way she spoke with Clays dad had me moved to tears. What a role model for her generation of parents all over the world,” said one fan.

“What a beautiful soul. Moved me to tears as well,” another added.

Twitter/X users completely agreed.

“Your past, and the things that you witnessed, it’s part of your DNA. It’s part of your inside. And if you don’t get freakin’ help, you bring that [bleep] to the next thing. So the fact that he did this process, he wants to be in a long-term relationship,” Clay’s mom pointed out.

“Tell him to meet somebody like his mom,” Clay’s dad responded.

“Yeah, but you met me, but you wasn’t good to me. Okay, so… We won’t talk about that anymore,” Margarita aptly responded.

Clay at least knows how great his mom is. He wished her a happy birthday on March 1st with some beautiful words.

“You are the walking representation of walking by faith. You mean the world to me [heart emoji]. The Gravesandes can’t wait to celebrate you all day because you deserve it.”

Clay wishing his mom a happy birthday

Clay wishing his mom a happy birthday (Instagram).

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