Below Deck Med: Fans Blast Natasha For Show Acting

Below Deck Med: Fans Are Accusing Natasha Of Acting On Show

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 fans can’t stop attacking and judging Chief Stew Natasha Webb online. Viewers are now accusing Natasha of acting in her interactions with Chef Dave White.

Some fans think not since Raquel “Rocky” Dakota was a triple threat on Below Deck season 3 has a cast member acted so much on the show like Natasha. Of course, every crew member signing up to the show is acting to some extent. And as Shakespeare said, all the world’s a stage. When you are stuck on a superyacht with cameras documenting your every move it’s even more true. However, when Below Deck cast members stir up drama or act out erratically on purpose fans start to wonder if they’re playing it up for the cameras.

Fans Say Natasha Is Acting Shady On Below Deck Med Season 7

Below Deck Med: Natasha Dodges Chef Dave Relationship Drama Questions

After Below Deck Med season 7 episode 7 aired on Bravo and episode 8 aired on Peacock TV, fans became even more flabbergasted by Natasha’s behavior.

“I couldn’t believe she walked right next to him in the kitchen and took her phone out to text her ex…” said one Below Deck Reddit fan.

“You would think she’d have more manners than to do that, but actually, that sounds just about like what she would do, for drama,” another fan chimed in.

Viewers were shocked to learn that Natasha, age 32, previously broke up with another boyfriend after dating three years and being engaged a year and half. On top of that, she ended that relationship while they were sharing a cabin for almost a month, doing a crossing on another boat from Mallorca to Abu Dhabi.

“Natasha obviously has a pattern, I cringed so hard when she shared that info about her fiancé and how she called it off. You know you just cleared up any doubt that the audience had that Dave was in the wrong and now Natasha is obviously the problem,” said another Below Deck fan on Reddit.

A lot of other fans are still not excusing the appalling way Dave acted in the situation either, though. Fans are split between if Dave or Natasha behaved worse. However, Below Deck viewers blasted Natasha for dodging questions about why she wanted to share a cabin and denying ever playing Dave when she was interviewed by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Some fans have pointed out that Natasha is an aspiring actress who has previously acted in commercials, short and feature films. These fans think Natasha may be stirring drama on purpose on the show for increasing her profile and chances at fame.

Natasha Asks For Kindness & Mentions Cyber Bullying In Response to Fan Attacks

After all of the recent online backlash, Natasha is asking for people to be kinder and is promoting anti-cyber bullying.

She also shared how she’s eminently qualified to be the chief stew on superyacht Home because of her previous work as a yachtie. Fans have also been attacking Natasha’s leadership/job skills after she largely ignored the conflict between her stews, Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen.

Previously, Natasha shared on her Instagram that people will never know the full story of what happened.

“Always know both sides of a story before making judgements. Nobody knows my side and never will,” she wrote in an Instagram story a couple weeks ago.

Natasha’s Instagram right now from belowdeck

That’s unlikely to stop Below Deck Med season 7 fans from continuing to drag Natasha the rest of the season, similar to Ashley Marti on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

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