Gurleen From Love Without Borders: IG, Birthday, Tech Job & More

Gurleen From Love Without Borders: IG, Birthday, Tech Job & More

Love Without Borders star Gurleen Virk impressed fans with her bougie single life alongside her two dogs and owning her own home. In the first couple episodes we find out that Gurleen is tired of the hookup dating scene in San Diego, where she dated “tall white guys”. She said she was ready to date someone who would understand her background growing up in an Indian Sikh household. Her parents immigrated from the Punjab, a northern state in India. Here’s everything fans need to know about Gurleen from Love Without Borders.

Love Without Borders Star Gurleen’s Tech Job, Instagram, Birthday & Age

Gurleen's 29th Birthday

Gurleen celebrating turning 29 (Instagram).

Gurleen works at Google as a project manager in the area of responsible innovation, which involves risk management of AI technology. Hence why Gurleen can live a highly independent lifestyle in San Diego. She studied science and technology at UC San Diego, according to her LinkedIn profile. She also volunteered for years as a mentor to other women entering the tech world.

Gurleen’s birthday is either June 3rd or 4th, which makes her zodiac sign Gemini. Her astrological sign explains her playfulness and intellectual curiosity. On the show Gurleen was age 28, but she’s now 29.

Gurleen’s Instagram reveals she is very close with her two fur babies, Shadow and Aspen. Her two dogs even go traveling with her to places like the Grand Canyon. Both her dogs are rescue dogs, most recently saving Shadow from a Korean meat market (unfortunately some Koreans still eat dog). Gurleen and her other dog Aspen helped nurse him back to good health and helped him with his anxiety.

Love Without Border's Star Gurleen's Dog Shadow

Love Without Border‘s star Gurleen’s dog Shadow (Instagram).

Gurleen's Two Dogs Aspen & Shadow

Gurleen’s two dogs Aspen and Shadow celebrating Shadow’s birthday (Instagram).

The tech manager from California also supports a lot of progressive movements, including Black Lives Matter and women’s rights around the world.

Gurleen's Sikh grandfather

Gurleen’s Sikh grandfather (Instagram).

Gurleen’s Relationship With Shreyas & Are They Still Together

Shreyas Mehta From Love Without Borders

Fans are wondering if Gurleen and her match Shreyas Mehta end up together at the end of Love Without Borders. Shreyas appears to have traveled the world in 2022, meanwhile it looks like Gurleen is back in America. The likelihood these two ended up staying together is pretty low from their social media breadcrumbs. All signs point to them breaking up. It also doesn’t help that Shreyas’ Instagram appears to show he wants clout for his modeling career

Despite Gurleen saying she was looking for someone who could relate with her background, it appears after the first couple episodes the culture of the UAE might’ve been more than she bargained for with culture shock.

Matchmaker Arico Angela thought Shreya would help Gurleen open up. “Gurleen has dealt with trauma. And I believe Shreyas’ strong, compassionate heart will really create a safe landing for her to open up her heart with.”

Gurleen explained how her parents never told her they loved her growing up and that she felt lesser than the boys in the family because of their culture.

“So growing up as a woman you’re always told to be submissive. To listen, never speak. You’re kind of seen as someone who isn’t an equal in the household. My parents never said ‘I love you’ growing up.”

It’s unclear yet if Shreyas comes from a family that’s more progressive.

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