Alone Season 6 Cast: What Happened After The Show & Bios

Alone Season 6 Cast: What Happened After The Show & Bios

It took five seasons for Alone to hit its stride, but it definitely did in Alone season 6. The frozen Canadian North, Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories, was a suitably harsh environment for the ten competitors. As for the contestants themselves, they are looked at as the best group in the show’s history. There were some brutal eliminations, but few if any were down to dumb mistakes or inexperience. The ending was a tight battle between two elite bushcrafters and the winner was clearly in his element. With few exceptions, every member of the Alone Season 6 Cast turned in a commanding performance.

There was some skilled hunting, creative shelter building, and several contestants used the show as a springboard to better things. Others, however, disappeared off the face of the earth. Even so, fans appreciated how this was one of the few seasons where the winner didn’t just “come in heavy.”

Alone Season 6 Cast: Jordan Jonas Is Comfortably Chilling

Season 6 winner Jordan Jonas talking to Joe Rogan

Season 6 winner Jordan Jonas talking to Joe Rogan (YouTube).

After 77 days, season 6 winner Jordan Jonas took home the $500,000 prize. It helped that he has spent a decade learning from the Indigenous Evenki people in Siberia. He also hunted a moose with his bow and arrow and took out an attacking wolverine with an axe. He’s also skilled enough with an axe to kill a wolverine after his food, which helped as well. Since he’s a very deserving winner, it makes sense that his IG profile has a very impressive 133,000 followers.

He was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience in October 2023 and The Daily Show. Today, Jordan is the brains behind Jonas Expeditions along with his brother Ben.  Jordan is married and has two young children. He sells gear on his website such as Taiga axes and has several brand partnerships.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Woniya Thibeault Is Smashing Ceilings

Woniya with her baby and a friend

Woniya with her baby and a friend (Instagram).

Alone Season 6 runner-up Woniya Thibeault is also the first woman to win any season of Alone. Despite it being a spinoff of Alone Frozen, Woniya hold the record for most days on the show with 73 days on Season 6. If that wasn’t enough, Woniya got pregnant at the age of 47. Now, she excels online with her Buckskin Revolution brand as she hosts courses on and offline and offers personalized tours. She is the author of Never Alone: A Solo Arctic Survival Journeywhich was published in 2023. (Show Star News makes an affiliate link commission from sales of links in this article.) Her Instagram has 40,100 followers, and her YouTube has 29,400 followers. She has a Patreon, a Cameo and a Facebook profile. She’s appeared on Jason Mantzoukas’ Jason’s Picks, Tim Anderson’s Bodcast, and MSNBC to talk to Mika Brzezinski about her book.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Nathan Donnelly Is Deeply Committed

Nathan Donnelley enjoying the outdoors

Nathan Donnelley enjoying the outdoors (Instagram).

It was ironic that Nathan was defeated after 72 days in the Arctic when his shelter accidentally burned to the ground. After all, he did make it that far without a fire-starting device, the only contestant to do so. Nathan tried to GoFundMe $4,000 to build a tiny house for himself, but some fans were upset. Nathan lives a low-tech lifestyle, with a small Instagram and YouTube presence. According to his LinkedIn, Nathan designs and plants environmentally sustainable and disaster resistant vegetation and plant life, all of which is called “permaculture”. He teaches nature and survival courses and heads up the local youth conservation corps. His IG stories show that he mostly guest instructs at schools headed up by others, such as this one. Nathan celebrated his 45th birthday on April 5 of this year.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Barry Karcher Is Building A Mystery

Barry Karcher doing some woodworking

Barry Karcher doing some woodworking (Instagram).

Barry is a very talented but very weird guy, as he made up a fake resume talking about his survivalist experience. He still lasted 69 days on the show, losing 88 pounds and getting an emergency evacuation and couldn’t stop eating when he returned home. What happened after that is a bit of a conundrum. His Facebook profile is exclusively about the carpentry and handyman jobs he does, possibly as a part of From Under The Oak custom carpentry. He does have an Instagram where you can find pics of his wife Constance and his children Tristan and Remi. He has two other adult children, and we can find pics of one, his son Graham. Barry is reportedly proficient in the Israeli art of Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also likes to run marathons and participate in strongman competitions.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Nikki Van Schyndel Is An Island Unto Herself

Alone season 6 star Nikki raising some chickens

Alone season 6 star Nikki raising some chickens (Instagram).

Nikki has plenty of experience living by herself on an island in British Columbia, Canada. However she lost enough weight to be medically evacuated after 52 days. As this article in Canada’s National Post newspaper says, she went from a privileged horse jumper to her current identity as Daisy Crocket. She participated in a Tedx Talk four years ago and has been a herbalist for 18 years after graduating from Dominion Herbal College. Her experiences living in nature are described in her book, Becoming Wild: Living the Primitive Life on a West Coast Island(Show Star News makes an affiliate link commission from sales of links in this article.) Nikki has appeared on National Geographic’s Living Free and  Canadian Geographic and GQ India. She has spoken at the Real Screen Summit 2023, where she launched LUMINARIA Wilderness ventures.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Michelle Wohlberg Has Gone Fishing

Michelle Wohlberg showing off the walleye she caught fishing

Michelle Wohlberg showing off the walleye she caught fishing (Instagram).

Michelle was the youngest contestant and lasted a total of 48 days before being medically evacuated after suffering severe constipation. The trained homestead pioneer and former financial planner may be still working at Legacy Survival Training. However, the page hasn’t been updated in years, since 2021 and website also doesn’t seem to work when you click the link. Michelle does have a TikTok which is the only one of her social media accounts that have been updated recently. She seems to be happy and is exploring the north of Saskatchewan with her loved ones, husband Dan and son Lucas. Michelle also likes to hunt, including for bear, and marinates her bear meat in buttermilk.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Brady Nicholls Keeps It In The Family

Alone: What Happened To Brady Nicholls After Season 6?

Brady Nicholls was specially trained in survival for the US Air Force but he couldn’t make it more than 32 days. To the annoyance of fans, Brady quit despite his shelter being well constructed and him having plenty of food. Brady’s first priority is his family, which includes his wife Chelsea and the numerous foster kids they have raised. We also know he was a Staff Sergeant with the 22nd Training Squadron of the Air Force. We also know he got interested in bushcraft when he started working with the Anasazi Foundation, an outdoor therapy organization that provides help to teenagers in need. However, he has no online presence besides a YouTube channel with exactly one video. There is also one Instagram post by Weatherwool featuring Brady from 2019.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Ray Livingston Is On The Hunt

Ray Livingston speaking to his fans

Ray Livingston speaking to his fans (Instagram).

Ray’s time on Alone was short but memorable: he made friends with a squirrel, then had to kill and eat the little guy to survive. If you’re starving that badly, you probably need to tap out, which is what Ray did on Day 19. It’s a shame that Ray was unlucky in finding game to hunt, because that’s what he does best. You can see him hunt predators like wolves and cougars humanely on his YouTube channel or on his IG pageAlone also wasn’t his last foray into reality TV, as he was a part of Season 12 of History’s Mountain Men. Originally from Washington state, Ray now lives in Oregon with his wife Angie, as well as Dezmon and Marcellus, his two sons. He’s also the proud winner of the “K9 and Handler of the Year” award.

Alone Season 6 Cast: Donny Dust Is Thriving in The Wilderness

Alone star Donny Dust cooking some meat over an open fire

Alone star Donny Dust cooking some meat over an open fire (Instagram).

Blessed with a sweet beard, great hair and called “too pretty for the wild” by some, Donny only managed eight days on Alone. He was a health risk as he entered the competition after a serious heart attack at 38 years of age. He caught food poisoning after eating a muskrat, and he couldn’t keep anything down. Donny now serves as a consultant for film and TV. He has three books full of the wisdom he’s acquired as a Marine Corps veteran and “professional caveman”. These include Earthroamer, Scavenger, and Wild Wisdom. Donny is a lover of social media as his TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and IG make clear. He runs the Paleo Tracks survival school and can MacGyver you a custom tool with ease. 

Alone Season 6 Cast: Tim Backus Got A Leg Up

Tim Backus taking a photo with a kill

Tim Backus taking a photo with a kill (Instagram).

Despite being the oldest contestant on the show, Tim tempted fate by coming in with a bit of an attitude. Some fans interpreted some of his comments as an attack on some of the female members of the cast. Karma caught up to Tim in a big way and he was out after a leg break just 4 days in. The loudmouthed Texan isn’t slowing down as his IG shows that he’s a dedicated granddad and has travelled to the South Pole. Before that, he stopped over in Australia and New Zealand, and can take down the occasional bull moose while hunting. He will go anywhere for a good hunt, be it Idaho, New Mexico, or Colorado, and guide other hunters too. For a guy getting close to his 60s, Tim still has a lot of fight in him.

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