Love Is Blind S6: Clay’s Dad Trevor Gravesande Upsets Fans

Love Is Blind S6: Clay's Dad Trevor Gravesande Upsets Fans

The Love Is Blind season 6 finale shocked Netflix viewers. Clay Gravesande‘s dad Trevor Gravesande angered fans after he made an appearance at his son’s failed wedding day with AD (Amber Smith Desiree). They found his lack of apology to Clay’s mom Margarita, and his bragging about his track career, off-putting. His excusing his serial cheating on Clay’s mom due to lacking a proper role model due to a largely absent father also didn’t endear him to many fans.

“Clay, you know what I was laughing at? Before you got into track and field, when I took you out running, the first time, I beat you. I’m talking all this stuff, you know what I mean,” Trevor told his son before he was set to go to the altar.

“And then one day you beat me, so bad. You were way before me, I couldn’t believe it… Because track was always my thing. High school, All-American. College, All-American. United States, Olympic teams. I came as close as the Millrose Games, and I pulled that hamstring.”

He then told Clay how proud he was of his son’s accomplishments as a sprinter.

“Me personally, I was living vicariously through you. I just wanted you to get where… we got there. I couldn’t be more proud. It’s every father’s dream to have kids that are successful. And I don’t even need to say anything about you.

Love Is Blind S6: Clay’s Dad Trevor Gravesande Upsets Fans

“I gotta tell you this, okay. A lot of what I was sharing with you guys, and with sincerity, I didn’t get from my father. Because my father wasn’t present. You know, he was doing his own thing,” Trevor opened up to his son.

“You know, when it comes to right and wrong. It doesn’t matter [what other people tell you]. You gotta trust yourself,” Trevor told Clay.

Fans found his advice troubling and thought he should’ve sincerely apologized for taking him on weekends when he was having an affairs with his mistresses while married to Clay’s mom still.

“Clay’s father didn’t even seem to want to take any responsibility at the wedding. Why was he not (at least not on camera) saying to Clay, “My [screw] ups are not your [screw] ups,” said one disappointed fan on Reddit.

“It’s so sad seeing generational trauma so clearly at play this episode. I’m not excusing Clay’s behavior because ultimately he needs to figure out how to break away from these patterns learned from his dad, but I wish his dad would show one ounce of remorse for what he’s done. Broken people making broken people. Bless his mom for being such a resilient, wise woman though,” another fan added in another post.

Meanwhile, Twitter/X also let Clay’s dad Trevor also have it.

“And all those emotions and twisted and feelings, he took that to the altar. And a lot of that stems from things that you have to explain and then apologize,” said Clay’s mom to Trevor. “Don’t make excuses, just apologize. So that closure can be had.”

Clay’s dad then responded by making excuses for his past wrongs. “Here’s the thing, too, Rita. I didn’t necessarily have the best role models in my life. I can’t ever remember my father ever being a part of my life.”

Clay’s mom then said she’d forgiven him but that he needs to deal with the fact he brought his son to romantic liaison weekends. He then told her their son just needs to meet a woman like her. Margarita then informed him that he wasn’t good to her.

Although Clay’s dad Trevor definitely made a lot of mistakes, he did appear very remorseful at the end of the finale. Fans also need to remember that only a fraction of their conversations were shown on-screen. Perhaps Trevor apologized more fully but the editors didn’t include it on the show. We’ll have to wait to see what Clay has to say about his dad Trevor Gravesande on the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion episode. Trevor doesn’t appear to have any public social media accounts.

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