Love Is Blind: All Zack’s Red Flags Bliss Should Run From

Love Is Blind: All Zack's Red Flags Bliss Should Run From

Everyone loves a good redemption story and we might have one in the works on Love Is Blind season 4. Zack Goytowski could be an underdog with a tragic past who made a mistake in the pods but found true love. Or he could be a creepy weirdo who bait-and-switched partners, convincing Bliss Poureetezadi into marrying him. Either is a possibility and no matter what happens, fans will never be fully satisfied. Even Zack’s worst hater has to concede that he has owned up to his screwup in choosing villainous Irina Solomonova. He certainly dodged a bullet based on how her insincere apology is being received. And, Zack has handled the fact that Bliss is understandably pissed at him for dumping her pretty well. There are some lingering Love Is Blind: Zack’s Red Flags are still big problems for them.

Love Is Blind: Zack’s Red Flags — Social Awkwardness

Zack with his vacant stare as Bliss talks about the risks of them getting married

Zack with his vacant stare as Bliss talks about the risks of them getting married (Netflix).

Zack’s been very open about his difficult upbringing and being poor growing up. It’s admirable, vulnerable and he’s become quite successful as a criminal defense attorney despite this. Additionally, he tries to help people who are struggling, like the introverted and shy Paul Peden. However, Zack’s tough early years have left a mark on him. He doesn’t seem to see the problem with tricking people by telling believable fibs and then saying, “Just kidding.” He did this in the pods by pretending that he was a stripper, then revealing that his dead mother was a stripper.

Then, when he invited the skeptical Bliss on a date out on the water, he popped the question when she couldn’t exactly get up and leave. Zack’s ability to fake people out with his words might help him in the courtroom, but it weirds out potential romantic partners.

Zack’s cringey singing, questionable owl art, serial killer stare and bizarre, disheveled hairstyle have all been memeified by fans of the show. Still, some find his dorkiness endearing. Even Drew and Jonathan Scott have gotten in on the joke of “Property Cousin” Zack looking like them. Some say Zack’s strangeness makes him an interesting and funny character, while others — like Irina — are repulsed. She’s even clarified what cartoonish character Zack looks like. Also, let’s not forget most of the Love Is Blind season 4 women really not liking Zack for some unbeknownst reason.

Irina was pretty awful and callous, but she did have a point about how he could be off-putting. Zack not wanting to change to please others is respectable, but it doesn’t make him always likeable. At the moment, Bliss seems to be attracted to him enough to look past Zack’s many quirks. Whether her family will react to him the same way remains to be seen. Bliss’ dad looks to be a tough man to convince according to the previews for next Friday’s episodes.

Love Is Blind: Zack’s Red Flags – Judgement

Zack’s weakness is worry about being judged. This is what pushed him towards Irina in the first place — hope that she wouldn’t judge him given her own tough upbringing. Obviously that calculation was way off the mark considering that’s all Irina did as soon as she saw him. But this has led to another weird dynamic in his relationship with Bliss where he judges her for… judging Irina. We saw this when he was on the boat with Bliss and he chided her for “pretentiousness” after she attacked Irina once again. Once again, it is complicated because Bliss does think she is better than Irina, and says so out loud. However, Zack’s already been burned by Irina and is still defending her like he did in the pods. Bliss appears to understand that this is who he is and he does treat everyone equally.

Also, for some reason in the pods Zack found Irina’s “viciousness” as attractive and was convinced she was trustworthy.

Still, we know that all this will put a strain on their relationship in the next episodes are anything to go by. However, it looks like Zack and Bliss were comfortable enough to say yes at the altar. But how solid are they by wedding day and after? Only the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion and After The Altar will tell.

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