Love Is Blind: Micah Irina and Paul’s Love Triangle Explained

Love Is Blind: Micah Irina and Paul's Love Triangle Explained

Love Is Blind Season 4 is going to be remembered for its very pointy and sharp love triangles. There are plenty of weird multiple attachments and infatuations that refuse to die. Some, like the three-way dance between Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureezetadi and Irina Solomonova were obvious and drama-filled. However, there are many connections that have fans scratching their heads. Chief among them is the situation that took place between Irina and questionable couple Micah Lussier and Paul Peden. In this case there’s so much the show doesn’t tell or show us that wild guesses are inevitable. The fact Irina is going after her bestie Micah’s man shows just what depths of villainy this Russian vixen will go. Here’s Micah, Irina and Paul’s love triangle explained.

The facts are as follows: Paul and Micah are supposed to be together, but Micah is crushing hard on Kwame Appiah and Irina made an obvious play for Paul. Irina’s then-fiance Zack reacted with disbelief and Kwame’s partner Chelsea Griffin angrily removed herself from the pool party. But, we never got much insight into Paul, Micah and Irina’s motivations.

Love Is Blind: Micah Irina and Paul’s Love Triangle Explained – Irina’s Side of The Story

Irina is in a love triangle with Paul and her best friend Micah on Love Is Blind season 4

Irina is in a love triangle with Paul and her best friend Micah on Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

It looks we have a ways to go with this dynamic even though Irina’s relationship with Zack fell apart at the resort in Tulum, Mexico. The teaser for new episodes shows Irina and Micah bringing up Paul and Irina admitting she felt romance with Micah’s supposed future husband. This shouldn’t be a surprise to Micah, as she clearly heard Irina talking about how she found Paul attractive. Although she found Zack her type on paper (brown hair, brown eyes, chiseled face) in reality she’s got the hots for Paul. She even straight up told Paul he’s exactly her type and flirted with him.

In an interview with Today, Irina said she never wanted to pursue Paul seriously. “I might have had a moment where I had a lot of alcohol, I might have been a little flirty, but I had no intention of breaking anything off with them,” Irina said in the interview. “Meeting Paul just helped me realize what I felt like I had so naturally when I met Paul, I was trying so hard to have with Zack and I didn’t.” She also confirms that whatever happened or happens with her, Paul and Micah, they are still best friends.

That doesn’t exactly match with Irina’s quotes from the show. After her and Zack broke up she confessed to him she thought a lot about her conversations with Paul and couldn’t sleep all night. She also said he’s the one that got away.

Yet to Entertainment Weekly she claims she wished she never talked to Paul at all. “It was more in the sense of realizing the connection I had with him. I want that with my future husband. And I didn’t have that with Zack.”

Yet the latest Love Is Blind season 4 preview she again tells Micah she has strong feelings for Paul…

Love Is Blind: Micah Irina and Paul’s Love Triangle Explained – Micah & Paul’s Awkward Relationship

Paul and Micah’s relationship, even without Irina’s involvement, is pretty strange. Love Is Blind alumna Natalie Lee (who dated Shayne Jansen in season 2) and Deepti Vempati claim they are just trying to get more screen time, especially Micah. There was that weird moment in the pods where they decided to “go for each other”, leading to nasty breakups with Kwame and Amber Wilder. Paul has also been pretty vocal about not really going for pretty blonde girls like Micah ever before.

In all honesty, granola Paul just seems to want to go with the flow here. However it’s hard to know if he’s attracted to Micah at all because he’s super introverted. He certainly isn’t talking to the media about his appearance on the show, except for a few silly IG stories that barely mention it.

For her part, Micah is blaming all her manipulative behavior as a coping mechanism. “Because you’re a part of this experience that is so beyond words. To be able to make a little bit of light out of such a hard thing was really helpful,” she said in an Entertainment Weekly interview. It isn’t hard to believe that she was playing Paul as well and he lost patience, as per an IG comment where he says “thank you for your support” with a puppy-eye emoji. Maybe Micah only went for Paul because of the competition with Amber? She certainly makes it clear she isn’t into him with the digs, like how he looks way more attractive on camera than in real life.

Upon returning to Seattle, Micah confronted Paul about Irina’s attraction to him and he mentioned she was touchy by the pool. However, he left out their flirtatious banter about Russian cooking and her telling him he’s exactly her type.

You can find out if Paul and Micah got married here.

Micah is aware of how she behaved on the show and has limited comments and posted an apology. “Seeing that person on the screen would make me feel the same anger.”

Perhaps she should stick to brawny guys like Kwame, not sensitive brainy guys like Paul.

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