Were Love Is Blind’s Micah & Irina Friends Before The Show?

Were Love Is Blind's Micah & Irina Friends Before The Show?

Love Is Blind season 4‘s vicious vixens Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova were thick as thieves while living together and speed dating men. The two bullied their rival bachelorettes, putting their two pea brains together in the pods for their devilish plans. They were so close fans wondered were Love Is Blind‘s Micah and Irina friends before the show?

When flight attendant Amber Wilder got back from a Mardi Gras date with environmental scientist Paul Peden, Irina sarcastically mocked the theme, “That’s so you.” She also called Amber a loser behind her back to Micah. After Paul dumped Amber, Micah had her “bestie” Irina maliciously eavesdrop on the flight attendant crying and confiding in a friend. Irina forgot her ill-fated love-interest Zack Goytowski‘s and had the gall to ask her rival Bliss Poureetezadi for a candle because she forgot to get Zack a gift for his birthday.

Irina doing Micah's dirty work

Irina doing Micah’s dirty work (Netflix).

The dastardly diva duo repeatedly referred to themselves as besties and best friends on the show. So did mean girls Micah and Irina become friends long before filming the show? And are they still close after filming Love Is Blind season 4 and getting mutually dragged for their rude behavior?

Were Love Is Blind‘s Micah & Irina Friends Before The Show?

Micah talking trash with bestie Irina on Love Is Blind season 4

Micah talking trash with her bestie Irina on Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

A closer look at Micah’s Instagram and Irina’s Instagram reveals the two followed each other at the same time they followed other Love Is Blind season 4 cast members. (Instagram follows are in chronological order.)

So, Irina, age 26,  and Micah, age 25, almost certainly met in the pods and hit it off after meeting on the show. The two girls were some of the youngest cast members on the latest season. This partly explains why they gravitated to one another.

“Micah was my best friend and she still is,” Irina told Today in an interview.

“Sometimes friendships need these hurdles in order to grow and I think that her and I both grew a lot on the show,” Micah said in the same interview, referring to Irina’s attraction to her fiancé Paul on the show. “Sometimes that’s all you need is a friend to grow with and that’s hopefully something we can do in the future.”

Unlike Irina, Micah apologized for her “emotionally immature” behavior on the show.

Irina and Micah flirting with Kwame in the pool

Irina and Micah flirting with Kwame in the pool (Netflix).

Micah also explained why she and Irina instantly connected on the show.

“Something about having Irina in the pods really brought a human aspect to things for me. It was so high stress being in the pods, you’re talking to so many people, you’re trying to figure out who you’re going to be with,” Micah told BuzzFeed.

“I think having her took a very serious experience and helped me take a laugh to it. That’s something I need to cope. Maybe people watching that might be like, ‘Oh, you don’t care, you’re not taking things seriously.’ It’s actually quite the opposite, it’s how I get through things — being funny.”

Irina and Micah conspiring together

Irina and Micah conspiring together (Netflix).

A lot of Love Is Blind season 4 viewers think Micah should stay away from Irina since they believe she brings out her mean girl side. We’ll see if these reality TV besties are best friends in the real world when Love Is Blind season 4’s reunion drops.

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