Love Is Blind: Jackelina’s Family & Breakdown Explained

Love Is Blind: Jackelina's Family & Breakdown Explained

Fans were surprised when outspoken dental assistant Jackelina Bonds had a sudden breakdown during Love Is Blind Season 4‘s Mexico vacation. She was comforted by her partner Marshall Glaze, who was as stunned as we were at first. On Jackelina’s Instagram, she revealed that her seemingly out-of-nowhere emotional outburst was caused by stress over her family situation. Feeling the emotional weight of just getting engaged and the experience of the pods were factors too. Jackie said, “I felt guilty being happy and enjoying my time in Mexico because my family deserves time away.” It was a tender moment, but it looks like those won’t last as the couple is likely not together. Could the meeting between Jackie’s family and Marshall have anything to do with this? Before we meet them, let’s review the information from Love Is Blind: Everything to know about Jackelina’s family. 

Love Is Blind: Everything to Know About Jackelina’s Family Situation

Jackie lays out in detail everything she does for her family in an Entertainment Weekly article and it is definitely a lot. Her dad is a survivor of Stage 2 head and neck cancer and has had multiple surgeries on his neck and tongue. This has left him unable to work, so Jackie is also responsible for his bills. She also makes sure the house is clean and checks in on her mom every weekend. If that wasn’t enough, she also disclosed that her brother has recently released from prison.

“I have a lot of family stuff that I have to tend to. Family always comes first. And also, my brother being released from prison, it’s like I have another person to take care of,” Jackelina said in the interview.

However, Jackie’s actions on the show mean not every fan will give her the benefit of the doubt. Remember that she loudly demanded innocent Marshall put her drink back in the fridge and stirred up the bubbling drama between Micah Lussier and Chelsea Griffin.

It’d really suck if “My family situation is hard” became the excuse for breaking it off with Marshall. We already have “There’s lots of alcohol on the show” and “it’s a bad edit.” Or, perhaps Jackie will have a point about Marshall being unable somehow to hold her down? Does Marshall legitimately disappoint her in some way, when she needs him? Everything is on the table for upcoming episodes.

Jackelina and Marshall with one of their families on Love Is Blind season 4

Jackelina and Marshall with one of their families on Love Is Blind season 4 (Netflix).

“A real commitment to me is loving my family even though my family ain’t perfect,” Jackelina says in episode four. Find out if Jackelina and Marshall are still together after the show here.

Love Is Blind: Everything to Know About Jackelina’s Family: YouTuber Assumptions

Specific details about Jackelina’s family are thin on the ground indeed. That hasn’t stopped some from speculating, and Jackie clapping back hard in response. YouTuber The Grace Report posted a video analyzing her family situation and assumed that it wasn’t just difficult, but abusive as well. This was based on Jackie’s comment that the Mexico paradise was just temporary and real life wasn’t like this. Jackie did say that her family was not “nurturing” but it is still a very big leap to abusive. There was also an assumption that “taking care” of her family meant financial abuse, with the expectation that she provide for them.

The only family member on Jackelina’s Instagram is her cousin Elijah Bonds, who she appears close with.

Needless to say Jackelina was not happy and hit back as you would assume she might. Jackelina’s Twitter response took Grace to task for getting her city wrong (she does not live in New York). She flatly denied any allegations of abuse or drug use on her family’s part and asserted that being a caregiver was her choice. Also, we did find a comment from Jackie to another critic, saying her father wanted her to go on the show despite his illness. Grace responded in another video with more awkward questions, asking why her mom couldn’t help and where her brother was in all of this. Also, Jackie seems New York to Grace. How about we all just wait until the upcoming episdodes so that we don’t end up having to walk our comments back?

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