Too Hot To Handle’s Hunter: Age, Job, IG, Relationship, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Hunter: Age, Job, IG, Relationship, More

An absolute paragon of bro-dom, Hunter LoNigro makes a living out of being a real-life Ken doll. He brings a goofy attitude, ridiculous fish-flops, and chiseled physique to the show. Golden Swiss goddess Elys Hutchinson succumbed to Hunter’s temptations and engaged in two lip-lock rule breaks on Too Hot To Handle season 5. But she quickly realized that Hunter couldn’t carry on a conversation to save anyone’s life. While Hunter was going on about various bird calls, Elys sent Hunter off and brought rival Alex Snell in to save the day. Hunter was so innocently unaware that he was crushed by Elys’s deception. And, it was Alex that came off as cold-hearted when he brought Megan Thomson to tears. So, while Hunter may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, he obviously has a giant heart to go along with his giant smile. Let’s plumb the depths….um, shallows, of Too Hot To Handle’s Hunter. 

Too Hot To Handle‘s Hunter: Jobs, Instagram, Fish Flop Business

Hunter promoting his Freaking Fish Flop business

Hunter promoting his Freaking Fish Flop business (Instagram).

If you looked as good as Hunter did, you’d treat life like one big party too. He can’t be serious even for a minute. On Hunter’s Instagram, 68,400 followers keep up with his antics. Hunter even has a backup account for some reason, with a further 20,400 followers. And did you know that you, too, can own a pair of Hunter’s Freaking Fish Flops? Just click the link here and they can be yours for $29.99 USD. Isaac Francis and Dre Woodard put on their game faces and supported their cast bro by wearing a pair of these for the website. When he’s not fishing for fish flops sales, Hunter’s wearing ridiculous outfits and hats, running around in swimsuits, or playing with wild animals. Hunter does give back in his own way, such as when he and his buddy Jake hosted a basketball summer camp for aspiring ballers.

Hunter’s Instagram ranks in the middle of the pack of THTH season 5 cast with the most Instagram followers.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Hunter: Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, TikTok Influencer Job

Model Hunter traveling in Australia

Model Hunter traveling in Australia (Instagram).

The 24-year old Arizonan dude-bro does a little bit of everything. You can catch him barefoot in the MMA arena doing damage with his long legs. Then there’s Hunter’s YouTube where he engages in Logan Paul-esque stunts and pranks his mom. You can find some smoldering model-esque shots where he comes across like the intense Scorpio he is. His exact birthday is in doubt, but it is listed as October 29.  He might cosplay as the Mighty Thor with his little sister, who is untagged for protective older brother reasons. Or he can be falling on his face on Hunter’s TikTok, which is where he makes the bulk of his income. An absolutely eye-watering 5.9 million followers for cross-dressing and walking on a treadmill? I take it back, Hunter is a lot smarter than anyone gives him credit for.

Hunter is an open book, who freely shares his workout tips with his fans. He gives his height as 6’3″ and his weight as 180 pounds. He also loves to travel the world, visiting Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, but always returning to the good old U S of A.

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