Too Hot To Handle’s Megan: Age, Job, IG, Relationships, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Megan: Age, Job, IG, Relationships, More

Not everyone on Too Hot To Handle season 5 is treating the show as a fun three-week fling-fest. For some, being out-competed brings real feelings to the surface. That’s been the unfortunate case for Megan Thomson, who took fellow Brit Alex Snell‘s rejection very personally. Season 5 has been accused of being even more fake than usual, but if Megan was faking her tears she deserves an Oscar. Alex was clearly not expecting this reaction from Megan, as the normally affable English gentleman was visibly stammering. Megan eventually accepted that Alex was more into blonde goddess Elys Hutchinson than her. To be fair to Alex, it wasn’t as though he’d made any promises to Megan. He and Hunter LoNigro had obviously been battling it out for Elys’ affections since the beginning. Still, there’s more interest in Too Hot To Handle‘s Megan finding a real connection from fans.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Megan: Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Relationship Status, Job, TikTok

THTH season 5's Megan Thomson modeling a stunning green outfit

THTH season 5’s Megan Thomson modeling a stunning green outfit (Instagram).

We also find out British brunette bombshell Megan’s birthday, February 26, from a video lovingly prepared by her bestie Jodie Cotton. This makes Megan a deeply affectionate yet goal-oriented Pisces. Megan’s main job on paper is a Personal Assistant, as is reported by local media from her hometown. Keeping things organized and neat is something that Megan clearly excels at as seen on Megan’s TikTok. Here, she shows how to achieve her immaculate makeup routine and demonstrates how she’s always there for her friend group. She’s not afraid to make a scary face or laugh at herself as she appears on the show, although she doesn’t explain a lot about her personal history.

Megan in a sultry red bikini

Megan in a sultry red bikini (Instagram).


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Megan is receiving positive comments from THTH season 5 co-stars Isaac Francis, Courtney Randolph, and Christine Obanor, as well as season 4 standout Flavia Laos Urbina. Scroll down a little further and you’ll see supportive comments from Alex and Hunter. We don’t see any flirty comments on her IG, so Megan likely didn’t find a match on the show. However, it’s better to be liked on a reality show for who you really are than hated for a character you’re portraying. Megan may not have captured anyone’s heart on the show, but she has emerged as a sympathetic fan favorite. With her lack of rule breaks, Megan can continue to shine even as the others get dirty.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Megan: Instagram, Age, Fashion Influencer Lifestyle

THTH season 5's Megan with her dad before he died

THTH season 5’s Megan with her dad before he died (Instagram).

After the show finished airing, Megan ranked in the middle of the pack for THTH season 5 castmates with the most Instagram followers.

Megan came on the show talking about how boy crazy she is, and threw herself at Louis Russell before trying her luck with Alex. In this field, the 26-year old Cambridge, UK, native is actually on the older end of the spectrum, so she has a lot more experience. Megan’s Instagram is more developed than other cast members. In addition to countless outfits she shows off for her 20,000 followers (as of writing), there are heartfelt posts mourning her beloved father. It seems Megan tragically lost her father Rob to cancer on March 27, 2020 and she honors him with a post every Father’s Day. We also meet adorable Pomeranian, Bo, who is held by an older woman named Tina Lemmon in some shots. Is Tina Megan’s mom, as Tina is referred to as Bo’s nanny in one shot?

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