Below Deck: Camille’s Baby Rumor & Ex Boyfriend Explained

Below Deck: Camille's Baby Rumor & Ex Boyfriend Explained

Below Deck season 10 deckhand-stewardess Camille Lamb told a vulnerable story about her relationship with her ex boyfriend and football star Shea Patterson on episode 2. During her retelling, Below Deck editors added a photo of Camille next to a baby seat. The unsubtle insinuation made many fans believe the ex couple had a baby together. Well, here’s your answer on Camille’s baby rumors and what we know about he ex boyfriend who fans think is the rumored baby’s baby daddy.

Camille Lamb with her ex boyfriend and former Ole Miss Quarterback Shea Patterson

Camille Lamb with her ex boyfriend and former Ole Miss quarterback Shea Patterson (Larry Brown Sports).

Below Deck Deckhand-Stew Camille Didn’t Have A Baby, It’s Her Nephew Jack

Below Deck star Camille with Her Baby Nephew

Below Deck season 10 star Camille with her baby nephew, Jack (Instagram).

Camille’s Instagram reveals that she didn’t have a baby, but she became an aunt. It appears Camille’s sister had a baby and has a family based in New Orleans.

Below Deck Star Camille Lamb With Dad, Sister & Dog

Below Deck star Camille Lamb with her dad, sister & dog (Instagram).

Fans will be relieved that Camille isn’t out doing reality TV shows while leaving a little one at home. Meanwhile, Camille’s relationship with former Ole Miss quarterback star Shea Patterson appears to have ended sometime in 2017 or 2018. Camille deleted her Instagram account with all of their couple pictures together.

The 23 year-old Mississippi native said on the show her ex’s repeated cheating on her made her depressed. “I was depressed and I had anxiety and I was kind of a joke at that point. It’s like I just wanted to get away. I wanted no one to know me,” Camille said about the allegedly rocky relationship.

Shea Patterson At Football Practice

Camille’s ex boyfriend Shea Patterson at football practice (Instagram).

Shea ended up leaving the University of Mississippi to play for Michigan at the end of 2017, which caused a controversy with the NCAA when he wanted to play immediately for his new team after transferring. After college football he went unsigned at the NFL draft but the Kansas City Chiefs signed him in the spring of 2020. However, he was waived shortly after and then briefly was signed by two teams in the Canadian Football League (CFL). The USFL’s Michigan Panthers signed him, and after being waived he got signed by the New Orleans Breakers. He was also signed by the MLB’s Texas Rangers as a professional baseball player, too.

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