Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Josh Martinez?

Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Josh Martinez?

It’s kind of hard to disappear in a group of 9 Big Brother houseguests, but Josh Martinez has done it. Even as the field on Big Brother Reindeer Games has narrowed to six, he has had few if any big moments. He does have a history of heated interactions with the other guests on season 19, the season he won. His slow turn against Paul Abrahamian, who had been manipulating him all season, led to a memorable ending. But other than an under the radar association with Britney Haynes he has no allies or enemies. Will Mr. Meatball survive to the final four only to surprise everyone? Or will we all be asking what happened to Josh Martinez at season’s end?

What Happened To Josh Martinez? Hometown, Age, Other Show Appearances, Weight Loss, Life In Miami

Josh Martinez at a Miami Dolphins game

Josh Martinez at a Miami Dolphins game (Instagram).

Hailing from Miami, Florida, 29-year-old Josh will be celebrating his birthday on January 4th, soon after the show is over. As a Capricorn, Josh is a determined and stubborn long-game player. And he’s deeply committed to reality TV and getting his name out there, competing on a ridiculous number of shows. They include War Of The Worlds seasons 1-2, The Challenge season 2, Total Madness, Double Agents, and Spies Lies and Allies. During his Big Brother season, his considerable weight loss was noticed. On his Twitter/X, he claims to have lost 35 pounds which was a “miserable” experience. Of the Reindeer Games cast he is the second most prolific Twitter/X user after Frankie Grande, with 89,300 followers. He also confirms his Cuban ethnicity with a flag in his bio.

With most of his income coming from being an influencer, Josh’s social game is very strong. His IG has a commanding 239,000 followers and he also maintains a Facebook profile.  If you want a Cameo video from Josh, it’ll start from $50 USD. Josh is also a spokesman for Unhuman supplements, which is featured prominently on his IG profile. And, you can find countless photos of him working up a sweat in the gym. He loves hopping on all sorts of podcasts, including The Zach Nichols Podcast and Death, Taxes and Bananas. Josh enjoys a beer every so often but is a committed basketball fan, and has partnered with the NBA to do some influencing for the Miami Heat. He has a bunch of reels featuring himself at the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, so it also appears that the NFL is interested in him too.

What Happened To Josh Martinez? Travel, Karaoke, Movie Promotion

Big Brother star Josh Martinez traveling

Big Brother star Josh Martinez traveling (Instagram).

Josh loves travelling and has been all over the USA and the world. Destinations include Thailand, Prague, London, Iceland, Mexico, Amsterdam, Greece, Costa Rica and Canada. Despite his physical, serious persona, Josh is not afraid to be silly and do a round or two of drunk karaoke. Josh was also involved this year in promoting the controversial child-trafficking film, Sound of Freedom. We don’t know a lot about Josh’s family, but we do have a reel of him reminiscing about how his dad pranked the family by dressing as The Grinch.

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