Physical 100’s Yang Hak-seon: Birthday, IG, Age, Wife & More

Physical 100's Yang Hak-seon: Birthday, IG, Age, Wife & More

One of 30 contestants competing in Episodes 7 and 8’s furious elimination blitz was Physical 100‘s Yang Hak-Seon. Quest 3’s ship-dragging and Olympic-inspired Quest 4 delegate challenges were the downfall of many fan favorites. Fans will have to watch to see if Choo Sung-Hoon and Ma-Sung Ho made it through the Punishment of Sisyphus rock-rolling challenge, and what was the fate of Yun Sung-Bin. Bodybuilder couple Song A-Reum and Kim Kang-Min also had challenging competitors to beat. Kim Da-Young‘s fate was decided on Wings of Icarus Challenge. Also fans also found out what happened to Shim Euddeum and Jang Eun-Sil in the ship-dragging challenge.

Yang Hak-seon from Physical: 100

Yang Hak-seon from Physical 100 (Netflix).

Yang, who was another of the 10 challengers who placed last in the ship-dragging event, is another example of how close the competition is. Respected by the other 99 contenders, Physical 100‘s Yang Hak-Seon is Olympic-level gymnast who placed 2nd in the initial pre-quest challenge hanging above a pool of water. He is best known for being the first Korean to win a gold medal in artistic gymnastics at the 2012 Games. His nicknames include “God of Vault” and “Beef Jerky”. This is because of repeated injuries to his right hamstring. Despite his national profile, injuries have plagued him throughout his career, which forced him to miss a few Olympic contests. What else can we find out about Korean national hero Yang Hak-seon?

Physical 100’s Yang Hak-seon’s Instagram Shows Rags To Riches Story

Yang Hak-seon's cat

Yang Hak-seon’s cat (Instagram).

Yang Hak-seon’s Instagram has only 11,200 followers shows he’s one of the quieter participants on the show. Like Yun Sung-Bin, this may have something to do with his humble origins and busy workout regime. The 30-year old Yang entered gymnastics at the age of 9 to support his family after his father lost his job. He married Park Jong-Ye, a dancer affiliated with the Ballet-Contemporary Dance Academy in 2020. He’s also proudly sponsored by Oakley sunglasses brand and has at least one other brother in the sport.

Physical: 100's Yang Hak-seon getting married with his wife

Physical: 100’s Yang Hak-seon getting married with his wife (Instagram).

Agile As A Cat

Physical 100’s Yang Hak-Seon features many of his best performances on Instagram, but two other things are quickly apparent. The first is that he is one of the few cat people in the show’s cast. His kitty shows up alongside bouquets of flowers or lounging with him inside a tent. The other quirky thing about Yang is that he’s shorter than his wife. According to one interview, she is five whole centimeters (almost two inches) taller than him. Yang may not have won the Physical 100‘s 300 million won prize, but he’s gotten a lot more exposure and can look forward to lots of support at home.

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