Perfect Match’s Chase: THTH Star’s IG, Boxer/Football Job, TikTok & More

Perfect Match's Chase: THTH Star's IG, Boxer/Football Job, TikTok & More

Perfect Match‘s Chase DeMoor came to play. By the end of episode 4, he’s gone on a date with Sexy Beasts star Kariselle Snow, matched with Selling Tampa‘s Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere, won the kissing compatibility challenge where he kissed Kariselle for a second time, and has Too Hot To Handle‘s Georgia Hassarati on his mind. He doesn’t care about allies or friends, unlike some of the other players. Joey recognizes him as a danger from the very beginning and by the time he loves and leaves Anne-Sophie for Georgia, so do the women.

Unlike the calculating Nick or the romantic Dom, Chase operates purely on sex appeal and instinct. He’s fully aware of his villain status, but he may not even be the biggest villain in the villa. When Francesca throws Dom under the bus to try and settle the score with Damian, even he is shocked! I guess there’s always someone more cutthroat and you know what they say about people who live by the sword.

Of course, this show being what it is, we can’t rule out a Francesca/Chase pairing. Unless Damian has a death wish we can’t see him seriously going for Francesca. And unless he can keep winning challenges, Chase may find himself without a partner to bed down with. Plus, there’s the pure outrageousness factor of Chase and Francesca taking on the world. Will raw physicality bring these two together, or will Chase realize that he’d better take a time out? Most fans remember him best for a cockroach landing on his face (ah, sweet poetic justice) during shooting of Too Hot To Handle season 2.

Chase DeMoor spending time with model and influencer Carly Lawrence

Chase DeMoor spending time with model and influencer Carly Lawrence (Instagram).

It’s even crazier when you realize that Chase does have a romantic side. In this interview, Chase reveals that he was badly broken up after his breakup with his Too Hot To Handle partner Tabitha Clift. Can you imagine Chase openly weeping after having his heart broken? How about sending Tabitha a love letter, with wine and chocolate? What other surprises can we find out about Chase?

Perfect Match’s Chase: Height, Weight, Football & Boxing Careers

Chase DeMoor at his job as a professional football player

Chase DeMoor at his job as a professional football player (Instagram).

Standing 6′ 5″ tall and weighing 245 lbs, the seriously stacked Chase is built to deal damage. Mostly, he does this on the gridiron or in the ring, where it’s expected. He’s played as a defensive lineman for the Houston Linemen, the Montreal Alouettes in Canada, and the Michigan Panthers. If you check out his stats here you’ll notice plenty of tackles and quarterback sacks. This means that Chase’s job was to move fast and break up plays. It’s not clear whether Chase is still playing, but his last recorded games was in 2022. Unless he’s going to devote himself to reality TV full time, we probably haven’t seen the last of Chase’s football days.

Chase DeMoor collaborating with fellow YouTuber Gabrielle Moses

Chase DeMoor collaborating with fellow YouTuber Gabrielle Moses (Instagram).

When he’s not laying out opposing players, Chase can be found using his fists as a boxer. Sadly he doesn’t seem to be as talented in this arena, as he was badly rocked by the much smaller boxer Josh Brueckner.  So, if Chase’s reality antics are annoying you, then footage of him getting destroyed may help. It was bad enough that he was indefinitely suspended after the fight. Before that, Chase had another terrible fight against fellow reality TV star Cory Wharton (The Challenge, Real World, Ex On The Beach).

Perfect Match‘s Chase: Chasing Clout on Social Media

Influencer Chase DeMoor posing in front of a red Tesla

Influencer Chase DeMoor posing in front of a red Tesla (Instagram).

Fighting in the ring or delivering tackles is pretty risky, but how reckless do you have to be to post your phone number on Instagram? Once you’ve gotten past the Chase’s shameless sleaze, you can click on Chase’s social aggregator and see he has everything, including his own screensaver. Let’s go through the clout-chaser’s stats: 1.4 million followers on Chase’s Instagram. 2.2 million followers on Tiktok. 60,000 on YouTube. 17,000 on Twitter. He has his own Discord server, a BeReal, and a SnapChat. If it was still viable, he’d probably still have a MySpace. Considering those numbers, though, whatever he’s doing is working out for him!

With that kind of fandom, it’s unlikely bad boy Chase DeMoor is settling down any time soon.

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