Alone: What Happened To Nikki Van Schyndel After Season 6

Alone: What Happened To Nikki Van Schyndel After Season 6

Someone like Nikki Van Schyndel, who lived in the wild for two years, seems perfect for Alone. She was by herself on a deserted island off the coast of British Columbia in Canada for all that time. However you never know what will happen when you get out in front of the cameras. Nikki, who has a wealth of experience, lost enough weight to be medically evacuated after 52 days. She seemed totally at home and even happy to be by herself near the Arctic circle for Alone season 6. So what happened to Nikki Van Schyndel after she left?

Nikki is beloved by many fans of the show and some say she is their favorite player. It’s a long journey for Nikki, from a girl who was a show horse jumper as this article in Canada’s National Post newspaper describes. The article also talks about how she grew up in the city of Langley, British Columbia. She’s clearly someone who found her place and is happy there.

What Happened To Nikki Van Schyndel? TedX Talk, Herbalist Job, Book, Touring Company, Other Speaking Opportunities

Alone season 6 star Nikki raising some chickens

Alone season 6 star Nikki raising some chickens (Instagram).

Nikki, aka Daisy Crocket, has brought her experiences to the stage in the form of a Tedx Talk four years ago. So far, she is the only Alone contestant we have found who has done this. She’s still living in a log cabin she built, and has been a herbalist for 18 years after graduating from Dominion Herbal College. Another example of how Nikki is authentically living her truth is how she gives gratitude to many of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. However, she’s no stranger to marketing, having chronicled her experiences living in nature in a book. The title is Becoming Wild: Living the Primitive Life on a West Coast Island. (Show Star News makes an affiliate link commission from sales of links in this article.)

It seems that since the show, Nikki has had other opportunities to show off her skills. She appeared on National Geographic’s Living Free and in print publications such as Canadian Geographic and GQ India. She has spoken at the Real Screen Summit 2023, where she launched LUMINARIA Wilderness ventures. This is an adventure travel company where individuals go on tours with Nikki. She ran the Echo Bay Adventures touring company before, but the website appears to be down.

What Happened To Nikki Van Schyndel After Alone Season 6? YouTube, IG, Facebook, Birthday, Zodiac, Age

Nikki doesn’t spend all her time off the grid. She has her YouTube channel, where she showcases the natural beauty of the world around her to 18,600 subscribers. Then there’s her Instagram account, which has relatively few posts and 2,592 followers. It hasn’t been updated since 2021 but contains even more awesome pictures, including a bear encounter and her holding an octopus. It seems that Nikki has a particular fondness for sea life as she has some close-up pics of sea creatures. Finally, there’s her Facebook account. It’s very sporadically updated but it does have a post thanking people for birthday wishes on September 25. That’s not her birthday, but she is likely a balanced, centered Libra. Nikki was 44 years old in 2019, so she must be 48 years old as of this writing.

Nikki’s joyful persona can win anyone over and she will likely be happy for the rest of her days.

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