Alone: What Happened To Michelle Wohlberg After Season 6?

Alone: What Happened To Michelle Wohlberg After Season 6?

Michelle Wohlberg is the second of two Canadian women from to trek to the frozen north on Alone Season 6. Michelle was the youngest contestant on the season, but had the support of a husband and child. Promotional material and articles from online news outlets in her home country mention her husband Dan and son Lars. But what happened to Michelle Wohlberg after Alone season 6? Unfortunately there’s little if any information. The reason is, as we’ll see, that many of Michelle’s social media accounts haven’t been updated in years. We don’t know why, but we can find out a lot about her regardless.

From what we can see, Michelle was doing what she loved, and had been doing for her whole life. When she went on the show, she lasted a total of 48 days before being medically evacuated. Like Jessie Bosdell before her, she suffered severe constipation on the show. We know how hard it was for Jessie to come back to life as most people know it after Alone. We also know that Michelle was suffering from panic attacks standing in grocery store lines.

What Happened To Michelle Wohlberg? Family, Past Jobs, Survival Training Company, YouTube, Podcast Appearance

Michelle Wohlberg showing off the walleye she caught fishing

Michelle Wohlberg showing off the walleye she caught fishing (Instagram).

Michelle came to bushcrafting after short stints in several other career fields. Her LinkedIn says she’s been a waitress and worked as a financial planner as part of the Weber Financial group in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Other articles detail the tragedy of Michelle losing her mother when she was just seven years old. She bought a piece of land from her grandmother and lives there to this day (it seems). It also seems, since her LinkedIn hasn’t been updated, that she is still working at Legacy Survival Training. Many Alone contestants have their own survival training company, but Michelle’s seems to be personalized instead of employing staff. We’ve also found one podcast appearance for Michelle, on the Wilderness and Wellness Podcast.

Legacy Survival Training has its own YouTube channel with 135 subscribers and a Facebook page. As we said earlier, these pages haven’t been updated in years, since 2021. The website also doesn’t seem to work when you click the link. So, is she still working there or not?

What Happened To Michelle Wohlberg? IG, Tiktok, Fishing Hobby

Michelle is a trained homestead pioneer, a lifestyle which she celebrates on her Instagram with 2,613 followers. Michelle does have a TikTok, with 1,290 followers. Her TikTok has been updated recently, and shows her interactions with friendly bears. However the most recent TikToks don’t show anything about her work, though we can see several photos of her family. She seems to be happy and is exploring the north of Saskatchewan with her loved ones. From her IG, we see Michelle has a particular love of fishing and is an expert at preparing and cleaning fish. She loves riding her 6X6 bike (if she still has it) and will not hesitate to let you know if a piece of equipment she buys is substandard. Michelle also likes to hunt, including for bear, and marinates her bear meat in buttermilk.


Man or bear? Bear, easily. That being said – I dont live in fear of man or beast, respect your surroundings and be prepared. #manvsbear #saskatchewan #outfitting #staycalmandcarryon

? Sneaky Sneaky – Gold-Tiger

The important thing is that Michelle is happy, even if her posting history is inconsistent. It makes sense she would be happiest alone with her family.

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