Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Reunion: Where Are They Now

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Reunion: Where Are They Now

Too Hot To Handle season 5 ended on a sweet note when self-described bad girl Elys Hutchinson won the $100,000 prize and split it with Dre Woodard, proving she’d reformed her selfish ways. All’s well that ends well. But fans still wanted to know which THTH season 5 couples stayed together after leaving the villa in early 2023. Also, where are all the cast members now? Unfortunately for viewers, Netflix hasn’t hosted a THTH reunion since the first season. So, a Too Hot To Handle season 5 reunion has a very slim chance of happening.

Despite no official reunion taking place, the cast did all reunite in LA, which appears to be what Netflix pays for instead of hosting an official reunion after each season of THTH finishes airing, to party it up in the clubs. THTH season 5 reality TV stars Christine Obanor, Louis Russell, Megan Thomson, Isaac Francis, Elys, Hunter LoNigro, Courtney Randolph, Alex Snell, and Dre Woodard are all hanging out and drinking there. The crew have been posting lots of Instagram stories drinking and dancing in the clubs, eating at fancy restaurants and goofing around on the streets of LA.

Why Netflix Isn’t Hosting A Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Reunion

THTH season 1 was a worldwide sensation. Netflix viewers were shocked to see what would happen on a retreat with a bunch of sexy early twenty-somethings all live in a villa together but have to remain celibate in order to win prize money. After the show was a number one hit for the streaming giant, Netflix decided to host a reunion, virtually due to the pandemic, which wasn’t all that interesting.

The THTH series doesn’t exactly attract the most bright and interesting personalities saying yes to casting. The cotton eye-candy show that’s heavily edited and scripted in order to create some drama, doesn’t work well for a reunion episode. There isn’t exactly a lot of twist in turns in these largely superficial relationships. Thus, it’s better to have the cast doing what they do best, partying and posting self-indulgent selfies to social media.

Where Are The THTH Season 5 Cast After The Show?

Not a whole lot of time has passed since filming the show. And these aspiring models and social media influencer haven’t done anything noteworthy in their lives they’ve shared to social media since then. However, some cast members have become super popular with explosions in Instagram follower counts while other cast members didn’t get much of a boost at all.

Elys and Alex supposedly dated for six months after the show, however the long-distance didn’t work out. All the other pseudo couples unsurprisingly didn’t work out either. Another reason not to have a reunion. On the other hand, the cast all get along really well since living in a villa together, so at least some new, strong friendships were made.

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