When Love Is Blind Season 5 Filmed In 2022 Explained

When Love Is Blind Season 5 Filmed In 2022 Explained

We’ve got the “who” of the latest Love Is Blind season down with our cast profiles. Now it’s time to move to the filming timeline, and figure out when Love Is Blind season 5 filmed. We know that the 4th and 5th seasons were filmed back-to-back, so we can expect an early 2022 filming date. But can we pinpoint the dates with even more accuracy? We haven’t gotten a chance to see the successful couples jet away on their honeymoons yet. We also know that once we get back to the pod people’s home city of Houston, we won’t be able to pinpoint dates based on the weather. Down in Texas, it’s mostly hot all year round. Nevertheless, we’ve gotten many clues based on pod conversations and relationship timelines already.

When Love Is Blind Season 5 Filmed: Clues from Dialogue and Social Media

A very big clue as to when the pod episodes are taking place comes from the show’s major shocker storyline. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Uche Okorha  disclosed that he had been dating Lydia Gonzalez, who has became besties with Aaliyah Cosby in the pods. Uche hid this from Aaliyah until they were right about to pop the question. This was bad enough, but the timeline is the most surprising thing. It’s revealed that Lydia and Uche were intimate in January 2022, and Aaliyah later learns that this was three months ago. So, the latest the sequence could have been filmed is April of 2022.

The show filmed in the pods in California, then a Mexican resort, and finally back at their home city of Houston, Texas.

Another big clue comes from the revelation of Lydia’s age. She identifies herself as being 30 multiple times during the show. We know that Lydia’s birthday is in August, and a recent post on Lydia’s IG shows that she is 32 years old as of August 29th. Therefore, for Lydia to be 32 now and 30 on the show, it must have been shot before August 2022. She would have turned 31 in August 2022.

When Love Is Blind Season 5 Filmed: Clues from before the show aired

The fact that the Lacheys are still hosting after the disaster that was the live reunion for season 4 was a major timeline clue. But, Nick actually did help timeline sleuths out when he told us that season 5 was wrapped even before season 4 became a reality. Nick actually made these comments in March of 2022. That means that the season was done even earlier than April of 2022. However, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that this season features a lot more shots of the cast eating actual meals in the living quarters. Recall that this was a major bone of contention in the lawsuit filed against the show for harmful conditions, specifically that there was way more alcohol provided than food.

This means that season 5 was at least edited after June 2022. This was when season 2 participant Jeremy Hartwell filed his lawsuit against the show. A Love Is Blind season lasts just over a month. So, it’s likely that the entire season was filmed between March and April 2022 and edited in the subsequent months. We’ll need to wait to see if a reunion is going to be announced, and who will be hosting!

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