Are Bliss And Zack Still Together After Love Is Blind Wedding

Are Bliss And Zack Still Together After Love Is Blind Wedding

Love Is Blind season 4 dark horse couple Bliss Poureetezadi and Zack Goytowski won over fans after getting engaged and building a strong relationship outside the pods in the shared Seattle townhouse apartment. The couple’s kindness, caring for one another, and shared bookishness showed they were a great match. And their wonderful wedding day vows solidified things for most viewers that they could go the distance. So, when Love Is Blind season 4 filming ended and real life set in, are Bliss and Zack still together and happily married?

But first, let’s recall Zack’s eye-watering words at the altar.

“Bliss, I think the moment that I knew that I loved you was when I told you goodbye. It was when I said goodbye, that I knew what I had lost. And when you were gone, and I was alone, and I was lonely, and sad, and when I’d lay down at night, I’d think about how much you understood me. How well you got me. How much we had in common. And it was when you were gone that I thought about you and how your actions speak so much more loudly than anything anyone could ever say,” Zack gushed at the altar to his bride-to-be Bliss.

“You don’t have to tell me that you love me because you show me that you love me. In the pods, you showed me you loved me. When you stayed up for four hours making me cupcakes… I love you. I love everything about you. You are brilliant, you’re beautiful, you’re caring. You’re thoughtful. And you’re generous. I didn’t know I loved you until I left, for sure. I felt it, but it was when you were gone, I knew that I really loved you — I love you.”

Are Bliss And Zack Still Together & Married After Love Is Blind Season 4?

Zack hinting at still being happily married to his wife Bliss from Love Is Blind season 4

Zack hinting at still being happily married to his wife Bliss from Love Is Blind season 4 (Instagram).

Bliss and Zack’s social media bread crumbs all point to the two still happily together and living under one roof — ahem Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed — after tying the knot in season 4. Zack celebrated his 32nd birthday on April 2. Bliss posted an Instagram story of herself grocery shopping for cake supplies the same day. A not-so-subtle hint the couple are still going strong a year later.

Zack near a dog's kibble bowl, likely his wife Bliss' dog

Zack near a dog’s kibble bowl, likely his wife Bliss’ dog (Instagram).

On top of that, Zack’s one post of him with his OneWheel electric skateboard shows pet bowls in his new home. Zack didn’t have pets on the show, meanwhile Bliss had a cat and dog. Not definitive proof they’re still together, but still another positive sign. On top of that, Zack keeps posting positive things about Bliss in his comments on Instagram and TikTok, as well as even Bliss’ dad Shah, who wasn’t too pleased the two were getting hitched so quickly. On Friday, after the release of the Love Is Blind finale where they got married, Zack posted a picture of the couple together with the caption, “Eternal bliss.” Cheesy, and further confirmation in the affirmative the two owl lovebirds are still together.

Meanwhile, Bliss on TikTok posted a beautiful tribute video of her and Zack’s journey to the altar together.


Its been an honor to share my Love is Blind experience with you all! I’ve grown and learned so much. I firmly believe everything happened as it was meant to, from meeting life long friends to sharing this adventure with my family. I’m so excited for you all to see the finale. Thanks for all the love and support. ?#loveisblindseattle #loveisblindseason4 #loveisblind

? Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Although we’ll have to wait for the live Love Is Blind season 4 reunion episode, it’s pretty safe to say Bliss and Zack are still together and happily married. Zack will still have some explaining to do however. For example, did he give Bliss the same engagement ring he gave Irina Solomonova?

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