Love Is Blind: Bliss’ Dad Shah Splits Fans On If He’s Mean

Love Is Blind: Bliss' Dad Shah Splits Fans On If He's Mean

Reality TV star Bliss Poureetezadi faced harsh criticism from her dad Shahram Poureetezadi. Her dad met criminal defense attorney and bookish talker Zack Goytowski on Love Is Blind season 4. After finding out Zack didn’t golf or fish, Bliss’ dad Shah seemed disinterested in Zack’s spiel about law. Bliss, Zack, Shah, Bliss’ stepmom Yaenid, Bliss’ half-brother Zyhe, and half-sister Zia sat awkwardly around the dinner table at Bliss and Zack’s townhouse apartment in Seattle.

Love Is Blind fans couldn’t believe the exchange, but were incredibly split on whether Bliss’ dad was a mean old curmudgeon or a wise, honest realist looking out for his daughter’s best interests.

Some Fans Find Bliss’ Dad Shah Smart & Protective On Love Is Blind Season 4

Bliss' father Shah with his second wife enjoying a night out

Bliss’ father Shah with his second wife enjoying a night out (Instagram).

Love Is Blind season 4 fans either found Bliss’ dad a breath of fresh air or a skunk at the garden party. Bliss’ dad Shah’s Instagram shows he definitely enjoys fishing and golfing with his second wife Yaenid and his two younger kids.

“So where you guys planning on staying once you’re married?” Shahram asked the whirlwind engaged couple. “Pretty odd. Not gonna lie.”

A lot of viewers found Shahram’s stern warning as wise and caring from a concerned father worried his daughter was getting married to a complete stranger after only knowing each other twenty days.

“I probably would have been a [bleep] too if when I asked my kid if they were in love and they said ‘for now’,” one viewer on Reddit said.

“I loved him lol. The only voice of reason on the entire show,” another added.

“Yeah, I think he was a little crass about it and maybe could have done it a bit nicer, but this show has a HORRIBLE track record. He’s right, you can’t actually ‘know’ someone in such a short time span and there’s a HUGE chance they’ll get divorced,” another agreed on the Reddit thread.

“There’s going to be challenges. You’ve known each other for how long now?” Bliss’ dad asked them on the show. When Zack said only 20 days, Shahram grimaced.

“Oh, God. Only thing I can say is good luck. I’m not trying to be mean, but good luck.” He then added he was only looking out for his daughter’s interests.

Bliss' dad Shahram looking on skeptically that her daughter is in love with Zack

Bliss’ dad Shahram looking on skeptically that her daughter is in love with Zack (Netflix).

“I want the best for you, obviously. I don’t want you to be hurt in any way,” her dad added.

Other Love Is Blind Season 4 Fans Found Bliss’ Father Incredibly Rude

Shahram laughing at Bliss and Zack's relationship

Shahram laughing at Bliss and Zack’s relationship (Netflix).

The original poster of the controversial Reddit thread, u/NostalgicDonkey, thought the complete opposite about Bliss’ controversial dad and had over 2,600 upvotes.

“I really feel like if Zack was into fishing/golfing that whole interaction would have gone different lol. I feel like he wants a frat boy for his daughter and totally was unappreciative and dismissive of Zack’s attempt to discuss a really enlightening and interesting topic. Her dad honestly just seems like a jerk, especially considering how sweet and lovely her mom is and the fact that they are divorced. I loved when Bliss was just like ‘Ok Dad’ because that is literally the best way to deal with rude family like that.”


“I already tried with your sister and you know how that ended up,” Shahram said on the show.

“Her older sister got married to a guy that worked for me. Well, I fired him [laughing]. Then they left Arizona and got married,” he said bitterly.

“I feel for all his kids. And his ex wife. She seemed so kind, when she said she would be ‘Zack’s mom too,’ I thought that was the sweetest moment all season. Her dad, based on this interaction seems like a miserable, unkind [bleep],” another LIB viewer who clearly isn’t a fan of Bliss’ dad Shah.

A lot fans also found him incredibly dismissive of his daughter’s own smarts.

“You know you do have to let intelligence actually play a factor in decision-making, so let’s hope you guys are making the right choice,” Shahram said. “I mean 20 days is just insanity.”

Fans also found it remarkable the contrast between Bliss’ father and Bliss’ mother to the news of her spontaneous nuptials.

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