Love Is Blind: What Happened To Nancy & Bartise After Season 3

Love Is Blind: What Happened To Nancy & Bartise After Season 3

Love Is Blind season 3 couple Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez started off strong in the pods. However, as soon as the reveal took place, bad boy Bartise seemed to have buyer’s remorse. At the Malibu ranch, he lusted after “smoke show” and “baddie” Pilates instructor Raven Ross. Throughout their time back in Dallas, Bartise struggled with his lack of attraction for Nancy. Then there were the awkward meetings with Bartise and Nancy’s families. The whole process looked doomed except for Bartise perking up when he heard about Nancy’s rental property business he could share if they married. However, the money wasn’t enough to buy Bartise’s “I do” at the altar. So, what happened to Nancy and Bartise after Love Is Blind season 3 stopped filming?

Bartise Enjoys The Single Life Right After Failed Wedding Day With Nancy On Love Is Blind 

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Bartise Posts A Lot Of Photos In Designer Clothers

Love Is Blind season 3 star Bartise Bowden posts a lot of photos of himself in designer clothes (Instagram).

A lot has happened to Bartise since Love Is Blind was filmed in the spring of 2021.

Bartise didn’t take long at all to rebound from his breakup with Nancy on their wedding day. According to Nancy, Raven and co-star Alexa Alfia, Bartise was spotted at the club with a tall blonde the day after the wedding. Bartise downplayed dating someone so quickly by saying he was “coping” with the breakup. He also became defensive and said his “sex life” wasn’t anyone’s business. To further defend himself, he said it wasn’t the day after the wedding when they eventually hooked up, but a few days later on a boat party with a lot of booze.

Love Is Blind Star Bartise Celebrating His 27th Birthday On July 16

Love Is Blind star Bartise celebrating his 27th birthday on July 16, 2022 (Instagram).

Most fans were disappointed he didn’t get grilled enough on the reunion and think Nancy dodged a bullet.

Bartise’s Instagram reveals he’s close with his family, mom Penny, dad Robert, and sister Amalia. The rest of his posts show he’s still single, enjoying working out nearly daily and partying and clubbing from time to time. Several weeks ago Bartise went a guys’ trip to Miami where a lot of alcohol was involved. When he isn’t playing hard, he’s working hard. Bartise is a financial risk analyst for a healthcare advisory firm called VMG Health, per his LinkedIn.

Bartise Partying In Miami With Friends After Love Is Blind

Bowden partying in Miami with his friends on a recent guy’s trip (Instagram).

Bartise With His Mom Penny, Dad Robert, and Sister Amalia

Bartise with his mom, dad and sister Amalia after Love Is Blind (Instagram).

Bartise’s TikTok reveals he’s still single. Despite most fans dragging him and giving him nasty nicknames, some girls are thirsting after Bartise in his comments and DMs. Meanwhile, Bartise continues to play along with the deluge of hate he’s receiving on a daily basis by posting silly videos on TikTok shrugging it off. A lot of fans are bashing him for using Nancy for his fifteen minutes of fame. Since starring on Love Is Blind, he’s gained 132,000 followers on Instagram and 68,000 followers on TikTok.

Bartise At A Pool Party After Love Is Blind

Bartise Getting An Ear Piercing After Love Is Blind Season 3

Bowden getting another ear piercing after Love is Blind season 3 (TikTok).

Bartise working out

Bartise is now good friends with Cole Barnett, another Love Is Blind season 3 star who got labeled a villain. The two recently went to a Dallas Mavericks game together and got courtside seats. Unlike Bartise, Cole had a bit of a redemption arc after profusely apologizing and crying on the reunion episode. The Cuties Story scene aired at the end also helped restore his reputation.

What Happened To Nancy After Love is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Nancy Rodriguez Traveling In Colombia

Love Is Blind season 3 star Nancy Rodriguez traveling in Colombia (Instagram).

Nancy Rodriguez went traveling a lot after she got rejected at the altar by Bartise. The Mexicana traveled in Mexico, Portland, Seattle, El Salvador, Colombia, Miami and New York City. She also likes to spend nights out on the town in her home city of Dallas, too. Nancy recently went clubbing with her Love Is Blind girlfriends Colleen Reed and Zanab Jaffrey.

Nancy Rodriguez At The Club with Co-Stars Zanab & Colleen

Rodriguez at the club taking a photo with a fan after dancing with co-stars Zanab and Colleen all night. Nancy’s social media makes it pretty clear she’s still single after the show ended (Instagram).

Nancy continues to work as a speech pathologist and manage her rental real estate business. Nancy posts on her Instagram tips for fans looking to start their own rental property business. She’s also very into her fitness regiment. Nancy celebrated her 33rd birthday on Nov. 8, which makes her age gap with Bartise five years.

Nancy’s TikTok includes funny videos and makeup tutorials. She’s got a big fanbase of over 88,000 followers on there.

Love Is Blind season 3 fans liked Nancy and felt sorry for her being stuck with Bartise as a fiancé. However, fans were critical staying with Bartise despite the red flags. They said she let herself get disrespected too much. She also took a lot of flack from viewers for her views on abortion. She said she would abort the fetus of her child if she found out it had a severe birth defect because of the families and children she worked with as a speech pathologist. Nancy issued an apology for her comments on the show.

Nancy Apology For Abortion Talk On Love Is Blind Season 3

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