Too Hot To Handle Kayla: Age, Job, IG, Relationship & More

Too Hot To Handle's Kayla: Age, Job, IG, Relationship & More

For fans of Too Hot To Handle Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose still very much seem to be a thing. That must be a big relief as rumors of Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici‘s breakup were confirmed recently.  The 22-year old model and LA resident came close to winning the $89,000 prize with racecar driver boyfriend Seb. The two of them contributed to one of the seasons’ most shocking moments when they engaged in a very expensive tryst in the shower. The entire cast was docked $50,000, one-quarter of the available prize money for this violation of Lana’s rules. Even so, the THTH fandom really gravitated towards this unrepentant couple, and Kayla especially. What is her secret charm? Let’s try to find out.

Too Hot To Handle: Kayla Is a Balanced, Extroverted Libra

Aside from the model/influencer life of partying, chilling at the beach and hanging out in nature, Kayla has a quieter and more spiritual side. She spoke about it in her video appearance on streamer’s Ricegum‘s Youtube channel in 2021. Kayla, who was born on October 12th and is of Puerto Rican descent, revealed that she’s into crystals, meditation, and that she is actually a Libra/Pisces/Libra. (This refers to her sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign.) If she had to pick a favorite color, it would be pink, and she likes to surround herself with spiritually well-rounded people. These people have to be “on their way up” as well.

Kayla is very dedicated to what she does and believes she can achieve anything. Ironically, she was asked what three things she would bring to a desert island and she said, “a lighter, an axe, and a tent.” Very practical choices on her part, even though we never see her use any of these items on Too Hot To Handle. She also spoke about being originally from Portland, Oregon, and being very close with her two sisters and her stepbrother. Kayla appeared on the chat wearing designer sneakers, which she can also be seen wearing in several insta posts. She admitted to having an OnlyFans account, which is apparently linked to her Instagram as well. She is also a vegan. So, as you can see, there is a lot to Kayla!

Are Kayla And Seb Still Together? Signs Point To Yes

Seb had to go back to Scotland at the end of the season. The pair needed to do the LDR thing if they wanted to keep their show connection. It’s true that the cast reunited in London recently, which is a much shorter trip for Seb. However, with the amount of flirty comments they are leaving on each others IGs, it is pretty clear that they are at least still interested in one another.  They have also posted pics of themselves at the same vineyard in California at very close times to one another. So, Seb did make the trek to L.A. to pay Kayla a visit. While we don’t have a firm confirmation yet, these two are making the most of their relationship.

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