Love Is Blind: Are Lydia And Milton Still Together And Married?

Love Is Blind: Are Lydia And Milton Still Together And Married?

We’re really seeing the limitations of the experiment that is Love Is Blind on season 5. Lovelorn participants bare their souls to blue walls (and audiences of millions) after being offered lots of alcohol. Then they’re forced to make life-changing decisions at lightning speed. As we’ve seen, some couples say yes when it’s the wrong decision. Others say no when it’s the right one. From everything we’ve seen so far, Lydia Gonzalez and Milton Johnson look like they fall into the first category. We know they go to the altar from clips of Milton in his suit from the trailer and the teaser for tomorrow’s episodes. But as far as the question “Are Lydia and Milton still together and married?” goes, we’ve got a definitive answer on at least one of those questions.

One thing that’s very different about this season is how open the cast has been with various outlets. Here’s Milton talking to People magazine about his process for processing the revelation that Lydia and Uche Okoroha had been together — very recently. He says: “Everything aligned up and I said, ‘Oh, well, this is before me. We all have a past, we all have exes.’ It didn’t bother me.” So we know that the Uche situation didn’t derail them.

Love Is Blind season 5 star Milton appears to have moved to Long Beach, California, since the show filmed

Love Is Blind season 5 star Milton appears to have moved to Long Beach, California, since the show filmed (Instagram).

Lydia showing her knowledge as a geologist

Lydia showing her knowledge as a geologist (Instagram).

Are Lydia and Milton Still Together and Married? Evidence From Interviews & Social Media

However, there’s other hurdles that Milton and Lydia have to get over. The upcoming episodes will have lots of judgement from Milton’s super strict family, as we’ve seen from the preview. They don’t seem to be very impressed with the age gap between this pod pair as Lydia is 7 years older than Milton. Add the fact that Lydia and Milton don’t appear to follow each other on Instagram and things look grim for the couple. We also know that Lydia gets into a shouting match with someone in the upcoming episodes from the trailer and teaser, but we don’t know who that is yet. She also has an intimate conversation with other love-interest Izzy Zapata.

Fans are not impressed with Lydia’s lack of transparency about her situation with Uche. Comments that Lydia is only with Milton so she can get close to Uche are very common. They’re also calling her out for seeming desperate to get married. Here’s an entire thread of Reddit comments to that effect. Entertainment Tonight did find that Milton liked a birthday post for Lydia’s friend Claudia Huyke on Instagram. So, maybe this is yet another Love Is Blind couple psy-op.

Time for the ultimate spoiler card in Love Is Blind: the marriage license check. We’ve done this before for other seasons and this one is no exception. So: according to the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas, the surprising answer is that Lydia and Milton said yes at the altar! Their license was granted and you can see proof of that if you go to this link and type Lydia’s last name “Velez Gonzalez” into the “Applicant 1” field.  But what will happen between Lydia and Uche at the reunion? And what’s the status of Lydia and her pod confidant Aaliyah Cosby? We’ve got no choice but to wait for the answers to these and other burning questions.

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