Who Is Drew From Survivor 45: IG, Age, Hometown, Job, More

Who Is Drew From Survivor 45: IG, Age, Hometown, Job, More

Survivor 45 premiered on CBS Wednesday, September 28, and so far fans aren’t too impressed with the cast. Besides Lulu Tribe losing Hannah Rose quitting a couples day in at the first tribal council, other cast appeared pretty weak, like Brandon Donlon struggling to climb a simple ladder. One standout, however, was Drew Basile, who doesn’t lack confidence, claiming to be one of the smartest competitors ever on the show. So who is Drew from Survivor 45?

“I’m one of the smartest people you’ve ever had on Survivor. And I don’t say that to brag, I say it factually. But the show is very different than the Ivey League. The level of sophistication and finesse that is required here that you don’t learn in the classroom.”

Who Is Drew From Survivor 45: IG, Twitter, Age, Hometown, Job, College, More

Drew Basile in Seoul, South Korea in August 2023

Drew Basile in Seoul, South Korea in August 2023 (Instagram).

Drew Basile was a grad student when joining the show. For college, he attended the University of Philadelphia and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature earlier in 2023. Drew’s Instagram shows he recently was in South Korea in August, suggesting he may be working as one of thousands of foreign English teachers working there. However, he posted an IG story on Wednesday night of a Survivor flag outside a house in the States, suggesting he’s still living in America.

Drew’s hometown is Birmingham, Michigan, but he’s currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His hobbies include playing scrabble, writing, and trivia. He won a national trivia competition in 2019. Age 23 on the show, Drew is the youngest competitor on Survivor 45 in the Fiji archipelago.

“During the pandemic, I moved to Philadelphia on my own and worked at a cell center. This gave me practical sales experience that I think a lot of people my age don’t have. You had to make a connection in the first 10 seconds or you were out of luck,” Drew said in an interview to Entertainment Weekly.

“I am very personable and authentic. I’m also a good strategist and a potent speaker. My hope is these attributes counterbalance for a weak physical game and help me clinch the title.”

On the show, Drew plans to play dumb, so not to put a target on his back with his fellow tribe members in Reba Tribe.

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