Love Is Blind: Meet Nancy & Bartise’s Families From Season 3

Love Is Blind: Meet Nancy & Bartise's Families From Season 3

Love Is Blind season 3 couple Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden introduced each other to their families on episode 6. One of the greatest parts of Netflix’s rushed marriage experiment realty TV show is when the couples introduce each other to their family and friends and seeing their loved ones’ reactions to the stranger they are planning to marry. Nancy and Bartise’s families didn’t disappoint. Love Is Blind fans wanting to know more about Nancy’s intesne bail bond mom Erendira Diaz, dad Jose, brothers Jesus and Steve, as well as Bartise’s dad, mom and sister Amalia have come to the right place.

Meet Love Is Blind Star Nancy’s Mom, Brothers & Dad

Love Is Blind Star Nancy's Brother Jesus

Love Is Blind star Nancy’s brother Jesus asks pointed questions to stranger and potential brother-in-law Bartise (Instagram).

Nancy’s dad, Jose, greeted Bartie with a hug and then sicked his two sons on his prospective son-in-law, telling them to take Nancy’s fiancé in the backyard for a talk. Back there Nancy’s younger brothers Steve and Jesus grilled Bartise for why he got engaged to their sister.

“Everything you explained to me about how you’re feeling, it’s a bit bland to me. It’s nothing special to me,” Steve said in response to Bartise giving an incredibly generic answer for why he loves their sister.

He then asked Bartise a hypothetical if his sister gained 400 pounds would he still lover her. Bartise made it pretty clear, yet again, that looks matter and he wouldn’t stay in that extreme case.

Love Is Blind's Nancy's brother Steve

Nancy’s dad and brother Jesus don’t appear to have Instagram. However, Nancy’s brother Steve’s Instagram shows he loves to travel.

After Bartise thought Nancy’s brothers were growing fond of him (all body language indicated the opposite) he thought he’d have smooth sailing with Nancy’s mom. However, she turned out to be the toughest and more intense of all her Mexican family.

“What’s you plan for my daughter…” Nancy’s mom Erendira Diaz asked Bartise pointblank as she intently stared at him, watching his every move.

“The plan is for us to have that amazing life together. I want things to work, I want things to mesh,” Bartise told her. The sweet nothings were unconvincing.

Nancy's Mom 'Eddy' Erendira Diaz Sizes Up Her Daughter's Fiance Bartise

Love Is Blind star Nancy’s Mom ‘Eddy’ Erendira Diaz sizes up her daughter’s fiance Bartise (Netflix).

“Marriage is not a joke. Marriage I feel should be forever,” she told him bluntly.

“I’ve got my own business as a bail bond. And I been doing this for about 15 years now. I learned how to read people. I’m watching you, I’m observing you. Because I can tell from your eyes if you’re lying. When you talking and trying to pretend you are somebody else that you are not.”

At this point Bartise started looking awkward and basically squirmed in his chair.

“I don’t want to scare you. But I’m that person. I’m nice. I’m very caring, very loving. But you don’t want to see me mad,” she finished.

Nancy’s mom instantly became a fan-favorite for her protective nature towards her daughter and her general badass attitude. Nancy’s mom Erendira Diaz’s Instagram reveals she runs the business Free-Man Bail Bond, is close with her daughter Nancy and has four kids.

Love Is Blind Star Bartise’s Family: Mom, Dad & Sister

Love Is Blind Star Bartise Introduces His Mom, Dad & Sister To Nancy

Love Is Blind‘s Bartise introduces his mom Penny, dad Robert and sister Amalia to Nancy (Netflix).

Nancy did a lot better being genuine and describing her love for Bartise when she met his family. Bartise previously told disinterested love-interest Raven Ross about his parents getting a divorce after his mom’s ex fiancé serenaded her on a family vacation. It appears that’s all water under the bridge now. Bartise’s mom Penny and dad Robert came together to meet their son’s prospective future bride. Bartise’s family seemed to really like Nancy, up until a discussion on abortion came up and it became clear Bartise’s family is hardline pro life.

After that, Bartise said his sister Amalia didn’t approve. Amalia’s Instagram reveals she’s engaged, too. Her fiance works as a defensive analyst for Texas Tech’s football team. Amalia’s also quite close to her older brother Bartise, too.

If Bartise and his sister Amalia’s relationships don’t pan out, they could always go on Netflix’s other reality TV show Dated and Related

Meanwhile, here are all the clues if Bartise says yes to Nancy on their wedding day.

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