Kyle’s Arrest After Firing On Below Deck Adventure Explained

Kyle's Arrest After Firing On Below Deck Adventure Explained

Fired Below Deck Adventure Deckhand Kyle Dickard got arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Nov. 19 while attending a soccer game. Kyle jumped from the stands without a shirt on and dodged stadium officials while interrupting a soccer match between Colombia and Paraguay. Fans of the latest Bravo Below Deck spinoff already witnessed some of Kyle’s antics while he lasted on the show. The Texan self-described cowboy lasted only three episodes on the show before Captain Kerry Titheradge fired him for threatening violence against crewmate Nathan Morley. Here’s everything fans need to know about Kyle’s arrest.

Below Deck Adventure Star Kyle Dickard's Mug Shot After Arrest

Below Deck Adventure star Kyle Dickard’s mug shot after arrest in Florida (TMZ).

Below Deck Adventure Star Kyle Allegedly Tried To Bribe Police After Arrest

Kyle posted video on his Instagram of him pulling the illegal stunt at the soccer game after TMZ first reported it. He nearly gets tackled a few times before stadium employees apprehend him. Kyle joked he would’ve scored a goal if he had worn a belt (his pants were loose as he was running).

Fired Below Deck Adventure Star Kyle Dickard Shirtless In The Stands Making His Way To The Field

Fired Below Deck Adventure star Kyle Dickard making is way down the stands to jump on the field at DRV PNK Stadium and delay the game (Instagram).

Kyle Dickard Running On The Field Before Getting Arrested

Fired Deckhand Kyle Dickard running on the field before getting arrested (Instagram).

Kyle Dodges A Stadium Official

Kyle dodges a stadium official (Instagram).

Cops charged Kyle with disorderly conduct, resisting without violation, and bribery of a public servant. He made things worse because he allegedly hit a security guard in the face during the chase. He also allegedly offered the cops a $300 bribe to let him go. Many of the 17,000 fans in attendance enjoyed the spectacle, with some fans copying his lead. Others allegedly threw beer at the cops who arrested him. Kyle bragging about it on Instagram also won’t likely help his case.

Us Weekly reported Kyle paid only $750 of his $7,500 bond.

Police took Kyle to jail where they took his smiling mug shot.

Kyle ran onto the field with a Colombia flag. His Colombia team ended up winning two to zero.

Kyle’s arrest didn’t shock Below Deck Adventure fans. While on superyacht Mercury, Kyle inappropriately sexually harassed Stew Kasie Faddah, vaguely threatened his boss Lewis Lupton, farted and burped with impunity, got incredibly wasted the first night out, made charter guests uncomfortable by hitting on them, and ate a jellyfish whole.

Kyle follows in the footsteps of his mom. On the show, Kyle said his mom was a barrel racer who was in and out of jail while he was growing up.

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