Love Is Blind: Jewish Marriage & Wedding Customs Explained

Love Is Blind: Jewish Marriage & Wedding Customs Explained

What Love Is Blind season 3 fans can expect from couple Brennon and Alexa’s Jewish wedding and marriage, with customs and traditions explained (Netflix).

Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux‘s Jewish wedding looks like our last hope for a happy ending in Love Is Blind Season 3. Watching the other couples threaten to leave and fall apart has been hard to say the least. Alexa and Brennon have had no major fights and still seem deeply into one another. Brennon has navigated tough meetings with Alexa’s family and friends where he was silently judged. Alexa has been warned by Brennon’s mom about his tendency to get cold feet. However, there are some signs of trouble. It might be the show trying to play up drama in a scripted way or the tension could be real. Alexa has made weird comments about her being a “64” out of 100 on the marriage and mused about leaving Brennon for a stripper. Brennon still seems out of his depth on the Jewish conversion aspect of marrying Alexa.

Finally, there’s the teaser for the finale which shows a shot of Alexa storming away angrily in her wedding dress. Another shot has tough cowboy Brennon openly weeping and being comforted by his grim-faced parents. On the other hand, Alexa and Brennon have both posted statements expressing love for each other on their respective Instagrams. While the show producers continue to mess with us, one supportive party is Alexa’s zaddy Adam Alfia. Adam does seem to have gotten over his initial skepticism about his daughter’s suitor. He and Alexa’s grandfather Barry sat Brennon down to lay out the game plan for the wedding day. Let’s review each of the customs that we’ll see if our Love Is Blind Jewish wedding is successful.

Ancient Traditions At The Love Is Blind Jewish Wedding

In the aforementioned teaser we see Brennon is wearing a small black cap on his slick hair. This is a kippah, and it is worn by Jewish men during religious ceremonies. Adam explains that the kippah is meant to symbolize the supremacy of God over man. If any non-Jewish male is asked to participate in a Jewish ritual, they might be asked to wear one.

We can’t see Alexa’s face as she runs away, but she might still be wearing her bridal veil. The process of veiling the bride, or bedeken, is meant to downplay the importance of outward appearances during marriage. It might also be used to protect the bride from jealous glances. As Alexa and Brennon observe, this ritual truly makes theirs a Love Is Blind Jewish wedding.

Sunrise, Sunset

When chatting about finances, Alexa asked Brennon for a prenup, which he readily agreed to. It turns out that he needed to sign one as part of the Love Is Blind Jewish wedding anyway. The ketubah, or marriage contract, specifies that if Alexa and Brennon say yes, he will provide for her even if they become one of the show’s divorced couples. Some modern marriage contracts make things more mutual, but considering their different financial circumstances this isn’t the case for our couple.

Finally, if whatever caused the apparent breakdown gets resolved, Brennon will need to lace up his cowboy boots and stomp on a glass. Usually the glass is covered by a cloth to protect the groom’s feet. Apparently this is a reference to the destruction of the Jewish temple two millennia ago. Brennon seems to have gotten a reminder that marriage can be hard and that even if things look perfect they may not be. This ritual does drive that home, but if Brennon gets to this point, he’s in the clear as far as wedding day goes. Look for a big cheer to go up if he puts the boots on season 3.

Time For The Afterparty Wedding Reception

If Bartise says no (which he likely will), and Matt/Colleen and Zanab/Cole keep on their current course we might only get one wedding reception this season. In the event that they say yes, we might see a few other Love Is Blind Jewish wedding customs at the celebration. What we’ll see depends on how much time we have left in the show. At the party we might see Brennon and Alexa hoisted up on chairs. This custom apparently originated from a religious commandment that the bride must be raised up at the wedding. While this is going on, it’ll be fun watching Brennon’s family try to attempt the horah, the circle dance that relatives and guests engage in.

Then there’s the ceremonial cutting of a loaf of bread known as challah and blessing over the wine. This is the Jewish wedding version of saying grace. And of course there is lots of money given by the guests and family, which will be a lot in Alexa’s rich family’s case. Money is common at weddings, but at Jewish weddings the amount is important. Usually it’s a multiple of the number 18, which symbolizes chai, the Hebrew word for life.

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