Meet Alexa’s Friends From Love Is Blind Season 3

Meet Alexa's Friends From Love Is Blind Season 3

Find out more about Alexa’s friends from Love Is Blind season 3, including her girls Orel and Alex, and her gays Jared and Leroy (Netflix).

Love Is Blind season 3 star Brennon Lemieux already got blessings from Alexa’s dad Adam Alfia and family to marry Alexa before meeting her friends. However, little did Brennon know they were going to be just as tough as her dad.

“I’m so excited for Brennon to hangout with my friends, my girls and my gays,” said Alexa when they all met up at now-closed Dallas Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar Imoto.

“They’re super loud, super honest, super blunt. So I want them to love him as much as I do. I also want him to like them because they’re probably going to be around a lot, constantly,” Alexa explained in episode 8.

Despite them being brash, they don’t appear to be as judgmental as Raven’s friends.

Here’s everything fans need to know about Alexa’s friends from Love Is Blind season 3.

Love Is Blind Star Alexa’s Girl Friends Orel & Alex

Alexa's Friends Orel & Alex From Love Is Blind Season 3

Alexa’s friends Orel & Alex from Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

“Is he an outgoing type of person? Because you know us, we’re a group that likes to hangout for the weekend… We need him to handle,” Alexa’s outspoken friend Orel questioned before meeting Brennon.

Alexa's Friend Orel Wearing High-End Clothing & Accessories

Self-described Girl Boss Orel Pilo’s Instagram shows she loves the finer things in life. Designer clothes and accessories from high-end fashion brands like Christian Dior and Gucci are regular wear for Orel. She also loves to travel in luxury and ride in very expensive sports cars. Alexa’s friend Orel is afraid she won’t see get to see her friend as much after she gets married. She would know, having a husband and two young kids at home.

Love Is Blind Star Alexa's Friend Orel Alongside Her Husband

Love Is Blind star Alexa’s friend Orel alongside her husband (Instagram).

“So Brennon we heard a lot about the experience that you guys had in the pods and all that. But I want to know ever since you came back, what’s your experience like living together, having Tito [Aelxa’s dog] in the house, arranging the wedding, everything?” Orel, clearly the leader of the group, grilled Brennon.

He responded to her shotgun of questions by telling the group how wonderful Alexa is and he realizes that he’s the one getting the better bargain (especially if he ends up inheriting part of Alexa’s dad Adam’s business empire fortune).

“We do want to protect her as much as we can. And we want to get to know you before we’re giving her away,” Orel added to explain that she just really wants to vet her best friend’s fiancé.

Love Is Blind Star Alexa's Girl Friend Alex Mercedes

Alexa’s other girl friend has almost the same name as her. On the show, Alex says she was surprised by how Brennon looked because he’s very conservative. She was so shocked she thought he must be one of the cameramen.

Love Is Blind Star Alexa's Friend Alex Mercedes Modeling For The Camera

Love Is Blind star Alexa’s friend Alex Mercedes modeling for the camera (Instagram).

Alex Mercedes’s Instagram reveals she’s a certified “baddie” as Alexa’s co-star Bartise Bowden is fond of saying. She loves wearing designer clothes, too, as well as lots of bikinis. She’s also loves to travel to warm desitnations, flying to places like Las Vegas, Cancun & Tulum, Mexico, Hawaii and many other warm locales. Alex’s social media doesn’t include a significant other, so it appears she’s currently single.

Alexa’s Gay Friends From Love Is Blind Season 3

Alexa's Gay Friend Jared From Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind star Alexa’s gay friend Jared from the Netflix show (Instagram).

Alexa’s gay friend Jared Dahl didn’t look completely convinced by Brennon’s responses during their close-knit friends’ powwow. Jared’s Instagram reveals he’s a man who knows how to dress chic. He, surprise surprise, also likes to enjoy the finer things in life, including travel and eating at gourmet five-star restaurants.

Alexa’s other gay friend on Love Is Blind season 3 is Leroy Diaz. He currently has his Instagram set to private.

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