Meet Charter Guests Lisa & Shelby From Below Deck Med

Meet Charter Guests Lisa & Shelby From Below Deck Med Season 7

Unfortunately charter guests like Lisa Moore and Shelby Guller on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 aren’t getting a lot of airtime. Unlike previous seasons of Below Deck, where charter guests like Erica Rose make the show, this season’s drama between the crew is sucking up all the oxygen. However, in episode 11, the co-primary charter guests Lisa and her daughter Shelby, alongside her friends Aurora, Dakota, Rachel, Alex, Monique, and Kelsey, do get more screen-time. And so they should because charter guests pay a lot of money to go on Below Deck. They also weren’t thrilled when Chief Stewardess Natasha Webb brought out the extra “crew member” Steven, making things super awkward. Here’s everything fans need to know about co-primary charter guests Lisa Moore and Shelby Guller from Below Deck Med season 7.

Below Deck Med Charter Guest Shelby’s Mom Lisa Is A Bigshot Divorce Lawyer

Co-primary charter guest Lise Moore is a “highly sought-after divorce lawyer in Medford, New Jersey“, according to her preference sheet. Attorney Lisa works exclusively in family law and runs her own practice. She’s worked some pretty high-profile cases in the past. Lisa’s Instagram shows some of the fun she had with her daughter and her girlfriends in Malta.

Lisa’s daughter and co-primary charter guest Shelby Guller works as an advertiser writer in the LA area. Although she keeps her Instagram private, she also uses Twitter and is a reality TV fan.

Shelby’s friend Alex from the show is a school teacher. Her Instagram shows she loves to travel. Other charter guest friend Kelsey works as the PR manager for single malt scotch company. Meanwhile, Monique’s job is in account advertising in the Santa Monica area

High-powered divorce lawyer Lisa Moore enjoying the beach picnic with one of her daughter’s friends (Instagram).

Shelby’s other friend Aurora also shared part of their Below Deck Med trip on her Instagram. Aurora wants the girlfriends to go on Below Deck Down Under next time around. Shelby and her girlfriends were definitely a change of pace compared to the Kristina Rossetto’s group of thirsty girlfriends.

The girls enjoyed a disco party and had crew members dress up as their primaries’ favorite celebs, including Guy Fieri (Chef Dave) and Dolly Parton.

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