Love Is Blind Couples Still Together Or Broken Up Season 3 (All Signs)

Love Is Blind Couples Still Together Or Broken Up Season 3 (All Signs)

Love Is Blind season 3 is delivering engaged couples in precarious and turbulent relationships so far. After leaving their dreamy bubbles in the pods for Malibu and their Dallas apartment love nests, many cast members are realizing they got engaged to a complete stranger. Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez, Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey, Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed, and Raven Ross & SK Alagbada have all hit choppy waters since getting to know one another. Although no relationship is smooth sailing all the time, odd-ball couple Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia are pretty even-keeled together. Here are all the clues and signs showing Love Is Blind couples still together or broken up after season 3 ended. These are the best educated guesses on the couples’ relationship statuses based on the show and social media activity of cast members.

We’ve ranked the five Love Is Blind season 3 couples from most likely to still be together first. The couples most likely to have broken up are at the bottom of the list.

Love Is Blind Couple Brennon & Alexa Are Likely Together Married Happily

Love Is Blind Season 3 Couple Brennon & Alexa Are Likely Still Together & Married

Love Is Blind season 3 couple Brennon & Alexa are likely still together after the show ended (Netflix).

Out of all the predictions, Brennon and Alexa getting married and still being happily together after Love Is Blind season 3 ended is the safest bet. The two love birds can’t keep their hands off of each other. They also only speak positively and affectionate of one another on the show.

Almost equally important, Brennon passed Alexa’s rich dad Adam Alfia‘s test and got his blessing for their marriage. Her stepmom Morgan also seemed to like Brennon’s southern charm.

However, the latest Love Is Blind season 3 preview teases trouble in paradise. Whether not it’s scripted storyline for drama is up for viewers to decide.

“You’re still an 80 [percent] for marrying me, still saying yes [right]?” a worried, pleading Brennon asks Alexa. The clip ends with her uncomfortably saying, “Umm…”

However, Alexa’s recent Instagram photos and comments on posts and stories suggest the two tie the knot.

Alexa & Brennon Kissing In a Romantic Moment Not Filmed On Love Is Blind Season 3

Alexa’s recent Instagram posts show the two happily in love. It would be quite odd for her to share these photos if they’re broken up and didn’t get married (Instagram).

“This weeks drop is so very special to me. Not only do we get to meet one another’s families, we really get to experience each other back in the ‘real world’ and see what married life would be like. Although we talked for hours and hours in the pods, having the discussions together back at home just felt deeper and made it all the more real,” said Alexa in another IG post.

Love Is blind Star Alexa Alfia In Her Wedding Dress

Love Is Blind star Alexia Alfia looking stunning in her wedding dress (Netflix).

“We had conversations about finances, children, religion, goals, and many more important discussions. We really got to see how different our backgrounds are, but it was also reaffirmed that no matter how different our worlds were, we both valued love and family above all else. It’s so easy to watch these small clips and make an assumption about who we are as people and judge us. Love really is priceless and the greatest gift of all.”

Brennon’s Instagram also has couple photos and his recent solo photos show him hiding his wedding finger (and ring?).

All signs point to Brennon and Alexa getting married and still being together a lock.

Love Is Blind Stars Raven & SK Surprised Fans And Very Likely Are Still Together

Love Is Blind Couple Raven & SK Finally Warming Up To Each Other

Love Is Blind season 3 couple Raven & SK took their time warming up to each other outside of the pods (Netflix).

Raven’s best friends weren’t too keen on her getting engaged to SK. They were concerned the couple’s marriage will fall apart from SK planning to move to California for two years of business school. On top of that, it looks like their will be more culture clashes between Raven’s upbringing in a southern white family and SK’s Nigerian background.

Although the Nigerian cultural differences haven’t affected Raven’s relationship with SK too much after seven episodes, thing will change. The previews suggest Raven will clash with SK’s mother when she rejects wearing a traditional Nigerian wedding dress.

“It’s very crucial for me to have their backing,” SK tells Raven in the latest preview.

“Back me up,” Raven counters in a tense scene.

That said, Raven only has high praise for SK’s mom Adeola outside the show.

Raven's Instagram Post On SK's Mom From Love Is Blind Season 3

Raven’s Instagram post talking about her love for SK’s Mom Adeola from Love Is Blind season 3 (Instagram).

“This is truly one of my favorite experiences of the entire experiment. SK’s mom is the kindest, most loving woman and I’m so glad y’all got to experience her brilliance with me. And yes she still loves me even though I ate amala with a fork ok,” Raven said about Adeola.

On top of that, both SK and Raven’s Instagram reveal the show couple are apparently still fond of one another.

Raven Shares A Post Of Her & SK's Family Having Dinner Together

Raven shared a post of her and SK’s friends and family coming together and flying in from all over the world. If they weren’t serious about getting hitched it would be pretty ridiculous to waste everyone’s time and money.

SK’s IG also showed some more “razzle dazzle” of their relationship behind the scenes.

Raven and SK’s physical connection of their relationship took some time to develop. But finding a husband or wife is a lifelong commitment, and sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Star Raven Excited Trying On Her Wedding Dress

Love Is Blind Season 3 star Raven excited trying nn her wedding dress before the big day (Netflix).

There’s a high probability Raven and SK are still together in a long-distance relationship.

Despite Major Red Flags, Nancy & Bartise May Be Married Now

Love Is Blind Couple Nancy & Bartise's Relationship Started Off Hot & Heavy

Nancy & Bartise’s relationship started off hot and heavy, but they hit a lot of potholes early on in the real world (Netflix).

Love Is Blind fans found a lot of red flags coming from Bartise in the first seven episodes. First off, he kept talking about how he wasn’t that physically attracted to his fiancée. On top of that, during their trip in Malibu when he saw Raven for the first time he tried hitting on her and got shot down. To top it off, he thought it was appropriate to tell his fiancé how much hotter he thought Raven was over her. Their relationship deteriorated even more when they met each other’s families. Nancy’s mom saw through Bartise’s feigned gusto, and her brothers were also skeptical of his sincerity. Nancy’s pro-choice stance didn’t go over well with Bartise’s religious family, either, adding further strain.

Despite all their trials and tribulations, the two could still say “I do” at the altar. First of all, despite Bartise struggling to be physically attracted to Nancy, he’s very attracted to her rental properties business and financial situation. Meanwhile, Nanc’s extremely attracted to Bartise’s body. She’s fallen in love with him head over heels on the show. And she doesn’t look to be giving up on their relationship even though he’s just not that into her.

However, Bartise has posted some couple photos on his Instagram.

Love Is Blind Stars Bartise And Nacny In Malibu

Bartise recently reminiscing about his romantic getaway with Nancy in Malibu (Instagram).

But he also reposted an Instagram story of “baddie” filming him and fellow infamous co-star Cole at a NBA Dallas Mavericks game.

In the latest preview Bartise suggest he’d still get hitched to Nancy despite his lack of libido for the Mexicana. “Even though I’m feeling that lack of physical connection, the emotional connection that we have can lead us to saying ‘I Do’.”

Hopefully Nancy has more self-respect than to stay together with Bartise, let alone marry him. Update: she doesn’t. She says yes at the altar. However, the cliffhanger ending on episode 10 leaves viewers not know if he says “I do” back. Signs point to Bartise breaking up with Nancy, helping her dodge a bullet.

That said, perhaps Bartise played along with the role of being a jerk on camera as a ruse. The Ultimatum fans were shocked after all the bad-mouthing Madlyn Ballatori did to Colby Kissinger that they two got married on the show and recently had a baby. Perhaps Nancy and Bartise will similarly shock viewers by getting married despite their supposed issues on screen. We’re putting the odds pretty low though of Nancy and Bartise staying together. And if they did get married, we’d put them at the highest odds for divorce.

Cole & Zanab Make It To Their Wedding Day, But Something’s Off

Cole & Zanab Likely Split & Aren't Together After Love Is Blind Season 3

Zanab & Cole probably split after Love Is Blind season 3 ends (Netflix).

Cole made himself infamous with Love Is Blind fans when he kept telling cast member he wasn’t that attracted to his fiancee Zanab. On top of that, he told Zanab she was a “nine” and that Raven and Colleen are “tens”! Talk about being a jackass jerk. On top of that, in Malibu during a pool party he snuck over to Colleen to tell her he’s most attracted to her.

Despite Cole’s thickheaded comments, Zanab and him still got closer emotionally. They also bonded over their shared Christian faith.

“I’m looking right now with the sunshine shining on your face. And your beautiful brown eyes. You’re beautiful. We look great together, I’m mad about you,” Cole gushed to Zanab in the later in the season according to a preview.

“I love Cole to the core of who he is,” Zanab says in the same preview.

But is all of that a red herring to make fans think the couple stay together. The supposed love between them does smell a bit fishy.

Cole Singing Zanab's Praises In The Love Is Blind Previews

Cole singing Zanab’s praises in the previews (Netflix).

Zanab Smiling At Cole's Loving Words

Zanab smiling at Cole’s loving words (Netflix).

They even make it to their wedding day.

Zanab In Her Wedding Dress On The Big Day

However, Cole as the groom looks like he’s about to break someone’s heart in the preview.

Cole Looking Somber At His & Zanab's Wedding Day

Cole looking somber at his & Zanab’s wedding day on Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

Adding to the clues on the show, their social media also foreshadows doom for their current relationship. Zanab’s Instagram only has one post with Cole in it from the show when they met. She say’s it’s one of her favorite memories, so it looks like it was all downhill from there.

Cole’s recent Instagram post of pictures of the couple in Malibu includes a caption expressing regret.

“It’s very difficult to watch us struggle in Malibu, and if I could change the mistakes and those moments I would. We had high highs and low lows, here’s some of the moments I’ll never forget.”

The odds are not high these two stuck together. Seven episodes in, Cole didn’t have his families blessing either. They also weren’t planning to come to the wedding. Whether Cole got cold feet because his family didn’t approve of the experiment or Zanab kicked Cole to the curb, one of those two scenarios makes most sense. But if they end up together more shocking couples have stayed together.

Colleen & Matt Almost Certainly Break Up On Love Is Blind Season 3

Matt & Colleen's Relationship Seems Forced On Love Is Blind Season 3

Matt & Colleen’s relationship seems forced on Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

Love Is Blind season 3 fans won’t at all be surprised if Matt and Colleen’s relationship comes to a screeching halt on the show.

“Do you believe love is enough for marriage?” Matt asks almost pleadingly to his ballerina fiancée.

“No,” Colleen says bluntly without any enthusiasm.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Couple Matt & Colleen Likely Break Up

Love Is Blind season 3 couple Matt & Colleen talk about getting married at an aquarium restaurant (Netflix).

Colleen got rejected by both Cole and Brennon before deciding to give marriage a try with Matt. Matt opened up about how his high school sweetheart cheated on him with another man whom she got pregnant with. Throughout the first half of the show a lot fans found Colleen may have agreed to get engaged to Matt simply to stay on the reality TV show.

Matt’s mom said one of her reservations about the experiment was whether or not Colleen was doing everything for the cameras. On top of that, Colleen abandoned Matt for the club after a night out with the rest of the cast. A lot of Love Is Blind fans find Matt to be more of the villain of the relationship, though. They think he’s far too controlling and jealous. They think it has to do with his past relationship and insecurities with rejection.

Colleen recently posted an Instagram story defending Matt, saying he was always making her smile like a “Cheshire cat”. She also posted a picture of the couple and said loving things about their relationship.

Colleen Saying Loving Things About Her Relationship With Matt

“These most recent episodes have shown some of our toughest moments but also amazing memories that I’ll forever cherish,” Colleen said in the post. “The yacht date was unbelievable and meeting each other’s family and friends was very special. We talked for hours about bringing each other into our “real world” and when we eventually were able to do so, we realized quickly how much love and respect we have for each other. I’ll always love our story.”

Matt hasn’t reciprocated by posting anything about their relationship. This may be a case of a clout-chaser posting her road-killed relationship because of the newfound fame from the show airing. Or perhaps we’re totally wrong about this one and Colleen and Matt are happily married. Don’t put money on it though. Chances are very high Matt and Colleen didn’t even make it to the altar on Love Is Blind season 3.

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