Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Taylor Hale?

Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Taylor Hale?

We’ve saved Taylor Hale, the season 24 underdog winner, for last when profiling the Big Brother Reindeer Games cast members. Of the final four, she has the most fan goodwill and has the powerful comp beast Xavier Prather watching her back. With Frankie Grande as the established villain and Nicole Franzel playing spoiler, some predicteed Taylor to win it all. She’s certainly become part of the show’s most iconic image, throwing snow in the air as the cast frolics around. When we ask what happened to Taylor Hale, her performance on the final episode might be etched in show history.

What Happened To Taylor Hale? Show First, Beauty Pageant Past, Home State, Twitter/X

The first Black woman to win Big Brother, Taylor is currently 28 and will turn 29 on December 31st. She won’t celebrate her birthday on the show, but if she wins it’ll be consistent with being a diligent, focused Capricorn. Did you know Capricorns have the highest win rate of any zodiac sign on Big Brother? According to her IG, which has 220,000 followers, Taylor isn’t just a queen — she’s a pageant winner. She is a former Miss Michigan (2021) and won Miss Congeniality at the Miss USA pageant that same year. Along with Xavier and Nicole, Taylor is one of three Reindeer Fames finalists born in the state of Michigan.

Her birthplace is West Bloomfield, but she currently calls Detroit home. Taylor is not currently in a relationship, but she was dating Joseph Abdin, who made it to week 7 of her season. Earlier this year in April they announced their breakup, which was amicable as they pledged to support one another. We also know Taylor’s height (5 feet, 7 inches) and that she has a Twitter/X profile with an impressive 104,000 followers. She is very outspoken on Twitter/X and frequently discusses reasons for her moves on the show there. Although she’s been a personal stylist and a motivational speaker, her bios list her as a “media personality” currently. She did have a Cameo profile, but it’s currently inactive.

What Happened To Taylor Hale? Subscriber Content, Philanthropy, Influencer Gigs, Events, Pet

Taylor really enjoys interacting with her fans. Subscribers can chat with her about Reindeer Games, or participate in a group chat on IG with polls and updates. She is also involved in philanthropy for the crisis in the Middle East and has contributed to relief for the children of Gaza. Since she won season 24, she has been participating in many high profile events, such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Grammys, and the Detroit Pistons 2023 draft. Earlier this year she even sat down with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to discuss youth involvement in politics. Her main influencer gig seems to be with sex toy manufacturer Bellesa, as she frequently does giveaways with their products. Other products she supports include Neil Lane diamonds, and jewelry manufacturers Ring Concierge. She is also close with her lovely goldendoodle, Benji.

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