Love Without Borders Cast: Ages, IGs, Jobs, & More

Love Without Borders Cast: Ages, IGs, Jobs, & More

Bravo’s latest dating show Love Without Borders premiered on the reality TV network on Wednesday, Nov. 30, and introduced viewers to a cast of five single Americans looking for their soulmates around the world. The Love Without Borders cast includes: Naeem Thompson, Philip Michael Thomas Jr, Gurleen Virk, Danna Richards, and Aaron Motacek. Matchmaker and relationship guru Arica Angelo helps them find a possible life partner in another country somewhere else in the world and the brave contestants pack up their lives to live with their potential new life partner. Here’s what fans need to know about the Love Without Borders cast’s ages, Instagram accounts, jobs, home cities and more.

Love Without Borders Cast’s Jobs

Gurleen From Love Without Borders Cast

Gurleen from Love Without Borders cast (Instagram).

The careers of the Love Without Borders cast range in status and salary.

Naeem worked as a social worker and psychotherapist before packing up and moving. Philip is an aspiring musician building his career. Similarly, Danna is a traveling musician and songwriter. Meanwhile, Aaron works as an optometrist at his brother’s clinic. Finally, Gurleen is a program manager.

Meanwhile, Phil’s partner on the show, Austrian-Ghanese Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah is a fashion designer making African-inspired clothing and jewelry. Danna’s match is a catch, Irishman Brian Dilleen who owns his own chicken and vegetable farm and has a beautiful house in rural Galway, Ireland. Before becoming a farmer, he worked as a salesman for 15 years. Aaron’s surprise Parisian boyfriend Maël Lucas works as a masseuse. Gurleen’s potential husband from Dubai, Shreyas Mehta, works as a fashion buyer and model.

Love Without Borders Cast Member’s Ages

Aaron From Love Without Borders

The cast of Love Without Borders are thankfully older, and hopefully more mature, than the mid-twenties Love Is Blind contestants. Danna’s age 38, while her match is age 35. Aaron is 31 on the show dating a 28-year-old Maël.

Naeem’s turned 40 years-old this past May, and we haven’t met his potential soulmate yet. Phil’s age is 35 on the show, while Carmen is 31. Phil may be the one cast member to watch out for having ulterior motives, like, say, clout chasing for fame.

Finally, Gurleen is 28 years-old and her partner Shreyas is 30.

Love Without Borders Cast’s Instagram, TikTok & Twitter Accounts

Musician Danna Richards From Love Without Borders

Musician Danna Richards from Love Without Borders (Instagram).

Rising musical artist Philip has the biggest social media presence of the group. Philip’s Instagram account includes lots of pictures of him modeling and performing. Philip’s YouTube channel includes music videos of some of his songs. He’s also on TikTok and Twitter, where he also shares his artwork and thoughts. Carmen is the opposite, with no public social media profile.

Naeem’s Instagram doesn’t include many pictures.

On the other hand, Aaron’s Instagram includes lots of pictures of him modeling, with friends and working out. His Love Without Borders partner Maël’s Instagram shows that he loves traveling all over the world.

Gurleen’s Instagram shows she likes to travel and wear designer dresses. Shreyas’s Instagram shows he loves to show off his modeling pictures just as much as his dad does.

Finally, Danna’s Instagram shows her journey across America performing her music. Brian’s Instagram reveals he’s very proud of his Mad Yolk Farm business.

Love Without Borders Cast’s Home Cities

Naeem from Love Without Borders

Naeem from Love Without Borders (Instagram).

Danna lives on the open road in her camper van, traveling across the USA. She relocates to Galway, Ireland, to live with Brian.

Naeem lives outside of Houston, Texas. It appears he will be moving to Toronto in episode 3. Gurleen lived in San Diego before deciding to move overseas to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Aaron is from rural Fargo, North Dakota. On the show he flies to Paris, France, to live in Maël’s cramped apartment.

Philip hails from Atlanta, Georgia. He moves to Accra, Ghana, to try a new life living with Carmen.

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