Melinda Melrose From Dated & Related: Age, Job, Relationship Status, IG & More

Melinda Melrose From Dated And Related: Relationship Status, Age, Job, Instagram, YouTube & More

We can’t post about Dated and Related without covering everyone’s favorite Big Sister, Melinda Melrose. The ever-popular host of the show is a Philadelphia-born NYC resident and professional model and YouTuber. She’s got a line designed to go viral, and a stunning look, for every occasion. Sure, she barely showed up in some episodes and seemed to be having a lot more fun outside the villa than the participants were having in it. But, she at least tried to show concern and support for all the contestants, even when they were at their cringiest and even if all her scripted lines were delivered in an excruciatingly slow way. (Seriously, did they really have to act that surprised every time that lip phone rang?) Here’s the tea on the reality show megastar Melina Melrose.

Melinda Melrose’s Relationship Status & Job

Melinda Melrose’s main asset is her outspoken and seemingly fearless personality. She brings it constantly, to hosting, to showing off her fierce looks, to her makeup tutorials. On Too Hot To Handle Season 2, she did not hold back about the men she was interested in. She actively pursued French model and former basketball player Marvin Anthony and together they won the season despite many ups and downs.

Later, Melinda Melrose dated co-star and TikTok superstar Peter Vigilante, known for his trick of spilling wine on his chest while drinking it. She and Peter’s loud and funny personalities definitely vibed with one another.

However, both men she dated found themselves on the receiving end of her fiery temper on more than one occasion. In both cases, a high-profile fight ended the relationship. Melinda came clean about her split from Peter in a candid video. Currently, Melinda is single.

Melinda works as a YouTube and Instagram influencer, when not hosting Netflix’s Dated And Related, getting endorsement deals with brands.

Dated And Related Host Melinda Melrose’s Birthday, Age & Zodiac Sign

Melinda Melrose’s birthday is April 27, which makes her an energetic and strong-hearted Taurus . At age 29, she’s a focused and extremely practical Taurus. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, but thanks to her excellent use of camera angles, her height is often mistaken for 5’7′ or taller. And, of course, she’s got 14 brothers and sisters!

Melinda Melrose’s Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Cameo & YouTube

Melinda Melrose is always sending love and support to her fellow Black influencers. These includes her Love Island UK bestie Trina Njoroge and Abbott Elementary actress Quinta Brunson. Some of the trailblazing Black women who have inspired her are Halle Berry, Alicia Keyes, and Keke Palmer. On her YouTube page, one video features her proudly attending a BLM protest in the NYC area.

Melinda Melrose has her share of dorky obsessions. She’s a fan of classic cartoons The Proud Family (an obvious influence) and Courage The Cowardly Dog. She loves Halloween, the classic scary movie franchise. Obviously, she is very excited for the new installment in the series, Halloween Kills, which will be out next month.

Melinda’s Instagram documents her swanky life style as an influencer, and she’s become so popular she now has a million followers! Melinda’s Twitter isn’t nearly as big, but who really uses Twitter all that much when you’re a huge star influencer?

Melinda Melrose has a competitive streak and loves to participate in physical challenges. She can be found on Netflix content like the Netflix Games and episodes of The Floor Is Lava.

She’s also an avid user of Cameo, where a personalized shoutout video costs fans $75.

Throughout Melinda Melrose’s socials you can find her in iconic European cities like London or Paris, at Coachella, or chilling out at Tulum Beach, Mexico, or in the jungles of Costa Rica.

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