Jason From Dated And Related: Age, Jobs, IG, Birthday & More

Jason From Dated And Related: Job, Age, Birthday, Instagram, TikTok, Relationship Status & More

Jason Cohen from Dated And Related came in hot alongside his wingman cousin Chris Hahn when they entered the villa in southern France. Jason and older cousin Chris Hahn tried and failed repeatedly to make a move on Parsijani twins Diana and Nina. When they got outclassed by Bishop twins Kaz and Kieran, they tried their best to flirt with the ladies and make connections. However, their player image and cheap pickup tricks didn’t help them meet a match. Jason had a kiss with Dyman Miller, but before he could pursue a relationship with her she shut him down. Although the players from New Jersey didn’t find love, they did make a lot of good friends while on the Netflix reality TV show. Here’s everything you need to know about Jason, including his relationship status, job, age, birthday, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Jason From Dated And Related Works As A Model, Actor, Travel Influencer, Life Guard & Jet Ski Instructor

Jason is a jack of all trades. The New Jersey muscle man previously worked as a life guard and jet ski instructor when he still lived in his home state of New Jersey. Since then, Jason does work as a model and actor, recently starring in the vampire movie Bloodfly.

Dated And Related Star Jason Acted In A Vampire Movie

Dated And Related star Jason Cohen acted in a vampire movie and is a model, too (Instagram).

Fans can check out Jason’s acting in the movie’s trailer. The aspiring model and actor is also a travel influencer, with his own YouTube channel on his travel. But he only has 124 subscribers so far.

Jason, the never-tiring hustler, also works as a sales and marketing intern at KGM Gaming, according to his LinkedIn. Wait there’s more. Jason also has his own Instagram account for his fitness influencer work, too!

Jason’s Still Single & Ready To Mingle According To His Instagram & TikTok

Jason Cohen Wrestler Instagram Picture Before Dated And Related

There’s no sign Jason isn’t still a player living the single dream life. Jason’s Instagram mostly includes pictures of him modeling, traveling and hanging out with his boys, including his cousin Chris. Recently he’s been hanging out with the Perfetto siblings Julia and Daniel, as well as the Roppo siblings Joey and Corrina. Jason and Chris recently played volleyball with these Dated And Related co-stars on a beach in LA.

Jason also used to be a competitive wrestler back in college.

Jason’s TikTok also shared the Dated And Related crew hanging out in LA with the theme song of Friends, so it looks like they’ve become good pals.

Jason’s Birthday, Age, Zodiac Sign

Jason celebrates his birthday on July 13 and is currently age 27. That means he’s a sensitive and intuitive Cancer. Jason’s height is 5’9″.

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