Kaz From Dated & Related: Job, Age, Relationship Status & More

Kaz From Dated And Related: Age, Job, Instagram, Relationship Status With Diana & More

Kaz Bishop and his identical twin (with very different features) Kieran Bishop made quite the impression on Dated And Related. Kaz with his cat eyes, chiseled good-looks and charm won over twin Diana Parsijani and Corrina Roppo. He didn’t lead on Corrina and went after Diana, and as a couple they were the strongest on the show. Here’s everything you need to know about charismatic Kaz, including job, age relationship status and more.

Are Kaz & Diana Broke Up After Winning Dated And Related

Are Kaz & Diana Still Together After Winning Dated And Related & $100,000

It’s the most closely guarded secret since fans found out Kaz and Diana won Dated And Related as the strongest couple in love, netting them a prize of $100,000. But what happened to the couple’s relationship after they left southern France?

Kaz confirmed in a podcast that Diana and him split after the show ended.

“We’re not [together], but we’re excited to see what happens in the future,” Kaz admitted on Reality with Will Njobvu when the host pressed Kaz about his relationship with Diana outside the villa.

Before that though, he played along with the charade that the ex couple were still dating.

According to Netflix’s publication Tudum, Kaz and Diana were still together. They reportedly spent lots of time in London together and were planning a tropical trip together. However, they hadn’t shared any candid couple moments together on their Instagram accounts until the middle of September, the same time Kaz admitted they aren’t together.

“He makes me laugh, supports me and has always been there for me since day one,” Diana said to Tudum. “I genuinely appreciate these personality traits. I’ve never met a man with such a great heart.”

Kaz went partying with his brother Kieran and friend in Ibiza, Spain, back in April. There’s no sign Diana and her twin sister Nina were there at the clubs with them. On top of that, Kaz was dancing and getting close with other girls while clubbing for days in Spain. So it was pretty obvious the pair were not actually together. Sometimes reality TV showmance couples pretend to date after the show wraps up. We wouldn’t put it past cast members from a pretty blatantly fake/scripted show like Dated And Related to do this.

However, Dated And Related is likely to get a reunion episode because of the show’s popularity on Netflix. Also, cast members have been talking about reuniting in LA in the near future, which suggests Netflix is flying them in to shoot a reunion episode. So we may get a clearer picture on just how much in love Kaz and Diana actually are.

On the second weekend after Dated And Related started airing, Kaz went clubbing again with his brother Kieran and to support their DJ friend Jodie. Again, Diana was nowhere to be seen.

Kaz’s Instagram, Job, Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign

Kaz’s Instagram shows the Brit likes to dress with style and live the party lifestyle with his twin brother Kieran. On the Netflix show, Kaz said he works a firefighter in the UK. However, it’s unclear if he still works a firefighter or if he is shifting to working as an influencer and model after starring in Dated And Related.

Kaz will celebrate his 32nd birthday on October 11, 2022. That means twins Kaz and Kieran’s zodiac sign is Libra, which explains their cool and chill personalities. He was born in 1990, and is currently age 32.

Kaz also has a TikTok account where he posts funny skits and his influencer luxury lifestyle. Kaz and his brother Kieran also share a bro Instagram account.

Dated And Related's Kaz Celebrating His October 11 Birthday

Dated And Related star Kaz is age 31 and will be celebrating his 32nd birthday on October 11, 2022. His zodiac sign is Libra (Instagram).

Kaz and Kieran’s Mother Died Two Years Ago

Kaz posted an Instagram story tribute to his mother Dawn in April of 2020. Kieran and Kaz raised money for a celebration of life tribute to their mother and also celebrated what would’ve been her 55th birthday after the tragically died.

Kaz’s grandmother or “nan” moved to the UK from Barbados, which makes Kaz and Kieran’s ethnicity part Barbadian.

Kaz Loves European Football Or Soccer And Plays Often On A Team

Kaz is big into soccer or European football. He shares a lot of his talented footwork on his IG.

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