Matthew From Love Is Blind S6: Instagram, Age, Job, Hometown, More

Matthew From Love Is Blind S6: Instagram, Age, Job, Hometown, More

There’s apparently a reason people warn about the strong silent type. And Love Is Blind season 6 contestant Matthew Duliba is a prime example why. He started off the pod dating by weirding out the women. He asked them to pick a number between 1 and 15 for a list of questions he had for his possible partners. However, when they tried to similarly ask him questions, he clammed up and left his dates. At first, Netflix viewers figured he was just painfully shy, and awkward, but then he started to open up to a couple of different women and quickly became the first standout villain. So, who’s Matthew from Love Is Blind season 6?

The large bodybuilder and finance guy didn’t make much of an effort to talk to his fellow Love Is Blind season 6 cast members, except for the two ladies he fancied: Amber Desiree “AD” and Amber Grant. Fans and AD thought he had a genuine soul connection with her because he spoke to her so passionately. He claimed it was her or no one, and that he’d never opened up to anyone like he did with her.

However, Matthew’s “sweet guy” persona burst when Amber revealed to AD that she had been told the same song and dance. Both ladies were told by Matthew that he wanted to ask their dads for their hands in marriage. He also told them both he wanted to leave the experiment with them that day. Once busted, Matthew, for a time, convinced AD he hadn’t said the exact same things to Amber. In the end, Amber and AD talked and they realized he wasn’t being honest. Amber left the experiment immediately thereafter, while AD went on one last date with Matthew.

Bizarrely, Matthew didn’t try and reassure AD about getting married when they met again. Instead, he sounded upset about the other Amber leaving.

He also made it about himself, saying America loves an underdog and that America would be watching. Well, AD and most of America weren’t impressed with his antics. Amber left the room completely exhausted and exasperated by Matthew’s actions.

Matthew From Love Is Blind S6: Instagram, Relationship Status, Hometown, Age, Finance Job, More

Matthew with an adorable puppy dog

Matthew with an adorable puppy dog (Instagram).

On the show, Matthew mentioned he’s from a small town with a population of about 600 people. It turns out he’s originally from New York state, in Forestville county, per his LinkedIn. He then attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges for his undergrad degree. While there, he was the football team captain and four-year letterman. He then attended MIT Sloan Executive Education and Duquesne University for an education in finance.

Matthew, age 37, worked as an investment manager for Fundamental Wealth Management and then moved to another finance company called PNC. He now has a job as a senior financial advisor for finance titan and investment firm Vanguard.

Love Is Blind season 6 cast member Matthew's Boxer dog

Love Is Blind season 6 cast member Matthew’s Boxer dog (Instagram).

Matthew’s Instagram, which he put private after getting dragged by fans, shows he also grew up with friends and family in Pine Island, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico. His social media also shows he’s a fan of the NFL football team Buffalo Bills, as he grew up not to far from that city in NYC. Matthew doesn’t have a lot of pictures on his IG, but he appears close to family and friends. He also really loves dogs, including his Boxer. He also loves artwork and fly fishing.

Matthew fishing

Matthew fishing (Instagram).

Matthew’s Relationship Status After Love Is Blind Season 6

Matthew buying artwork

The Love Is Blind star buying artwork (Instagram).

Matthew left the experiment single and it looks like he still hasn’t found the one. Amber and him don’t follow each other on IG. But AD and him are friends.

Matthew told Netflix and said on the show he was “emotionally guarded” in past relationships.

“When life presents you with an opportunity which takes that weakness and exposes it, how can you turn it down if it’s really important to find that special someone?” he said before the experiment. “I don’t think there is anything that I wouldn’t sacrifice to find the right person and my commitment to this experiment is evidence of that.”

AD doesn’t hold a grudge against Matthew since the show.

“I have zero regrets on my little love triangle,” she says. “I think I did the best and I made the best decisions I could in that moment,” she told People.

“I did have a few conversations with Matthew. It went well. Matthew’s got a very interesting way of getting his point across. And so, I didn’t push, I didn’t pull anything out of him. He said what he wanted to say, and we had our conversation, and we moved on.”

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