Physical 100 Season 2: Everything We Know

Physical 100 Season 2: Everything We Know

The first season of Physical 100 was an entertaining crash course in Korean culture and a super intense competition. Competitors were well known to each other and there was a refreshing atmosphere of mutual respect. The challenges were creative, tough and fair and it was easy to get past any cultural barriers. So, it’s no surprise that Netflix is bringing us Physical 100 Season 2 — Underground.

Another 100 of Korea’s top physical performers have been chosen to compete on a set of a giant underground mine. Challenges are described as being even harder than the first season, but as far as we know last season’s prize of 3 million Korean Won ($240,000 USD) is the same. The emotional ceremonies where losing competitors must smash their plaster busts with a hammer will still be happening. And there will be a lot of focus on who the challengers are and their specific backgrounds and body types. Beyond this general information, though, let’s take a closer look at Physical 100 Season 2, including the release dates of new episodes, premiere, contestants, competitions, and more.

Physical 100 Season 2 — Underground’s Premiere Date, Episode Releases, Location

Two Physical 100 season 2 contestants competing on the show

Two Physical 100 season 2 contestants competing on the show (Netflix).

The premiere of Physical 100 season 2 is on Tuesday, March 19, with several episodes getting released. Like last season, new episodes will drop on the subsequent Tuesdays, so March 26, April 2, April 9, and likely April 16th the finale will get released. Netflix hasn’t yet announced if the show will include the same nine episodes as season 1. Last season premiered Jan. 24, 2023, and the finale aired on Feb. 21.

Physical 100 Season 2 Everything Fans Need To Know: Competitions

For some inside scoops and coverage, us Westerners will have to check in with Korean YouTube a bit. If you go to 1:25 of this video, you’ll see a 10-second overview of some of the challenges. We see a giant maze with what appears to be a pile of bags in the center. Will competitors have to see who can move them out the fastest? Then, we see identical rows of the competitors in black outfits running on treadmills. Chances are this is another one of the endurance competitions — they might have to run until they can’t any longer!

It also looks like the popular deathmatch competition will return from season 1. We see two shirtless male players square off with a ball between them. But there is a twist as we see another pair battling for control, and one tosses the other into what appears to be water. Later, two women grapple while up to their torsos in water. A third type of deathmatch arena appears with a large post separating the two competitors.

Physical 100 Season 2 Everything Fans Need To Know: Contestants & Backgrounds

Contestant Jang Sung Yeop on Physical 100 season 2

Contestant Jang Sung Yeop on Physical 100 season 2 (Instagram).

Our 100 gladiators are a mix of old and new faces. Competitors are being grouped by their professions or body types, as you might expect. Group 1 are “The Warriors”, including MMA fighters, firefighters, bodybuilders, soldiers, Coast Guard, and police. One standout we noticed was Hong Beomseok, a firefighter and special forces fighter who was part of season 1. A new face with a big following is Dong Hyun Kim, aka “Stun Gun”, who competed in the UFC. Then there’s Jang Sung Yeop, who is 5 feet 3 inches tall but is a scarily ripped bodybuilder. On the other side of the height curve is 6 foot 3 inch tall Kim Min Su, aka “Korean Gigachad”. Two female standouts include the powerful Lim Soojin, aka Lim Flower, and the extremely defined Eunhee Kang.

Group 2 are the “National Athletes,” a group which would have included last season’s winner, snowboarder Woo Jin-Wong. Wrestlers, judoka, swimmers, speed skaters, rowers, boxers, rugby players, bobsledders, powerlifters and even a male cheerleader represent this group. Most national athletes are low-key, but there are no superstars like Iron Man Yung Sun-Bin this time around. Still, don’t count out the speedy Park Seung-Hi, who has two gold and two bronze Olympic medals to her name. Another Olympic medalist speed skater is Mo Tae-Bum, with one gold and one silver to his name. Model, soccer player and former national rugby team player Heo Kyung Hee is here as well.

Next we have the “IT BODY” group, which contains everyone from YouTubers to cosplayers to CEOs to nurses. Expect one or two dark horses to make it far in this competition. Skateboarder Kyo Hyo-Joo can go anywhere through the streets of Seoul on her longboard, but how will she last in brutal competition? Could you get behind YouTuber Kim Amugae , or arborist Hong Da-Eun to win it all?

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