Love Is Blind: What Raven & SK’s Legal Proceedings Likely Means

Love Is Blind: What Potential SK's Legal Proceedings Could Mean

Love Is Blind season 3 continues to deliver drama well after the finale and reunion episodes aired on Netflix. Raven Ross and SK (Sikiru) Alagbada‘s breakup — after three women brought forth cheating allegations — rocked LIB nation. Now fans are wondering what Raven and SK meant by “ongoing legal proceedings surrounding these allegations” in their joint breakup statement. Raven seems to be an innocent bystander in all of this, so we’ll look at the higher probability its SK’s legal proceedings.

UPDATE: SK confirms he’s “pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved”. He also makes it clear that him and Raven “remained “friends” and that they “rekindled [their] relationship after the fact”. He claims that the cheating allegations were “falsely misrepresented with malicious intent”.

SK Posted A Message Late Wednesday Night About the Cheating Allegations

SK Claims Cheating Allegations 'Falsely Misrepresented' What Happened For 'Malicious Intent'

Love Is Blind star SK claims cheating allegations ‘falsely misrepresented’ events with ‘malicious intent’ and says ‘we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved’ (Instagram).

Love Is Blind Stars Raven & SK's Breakup Statement Posted ON Instagram

Love is Blind season 3 couple Raven and SK released a joint statement saying they were breaking up two days after the Dallas fashion influencer Hannah Beth released a video detailing her relationship with SK. In their joint breakup statement they said they wouldn’t discuss the details because of “on-going legal proceedings” (Instagram).

SK Could Suing Some Accusers For Defamation

Accuser Hannah Beth, a fashion influencer, allegedly with SK on a couples’ trip in Cabo, Mexico, in May 2022 (TikTok).

SK confirmed he’s suing “some of the accusers involved” after three women came forward with allegations he may have cheated on Raven. If any of the women fabricated or knowingly lied about their relationship with SK he could sue them for defamation.

However, the women provided timestamped screenshots of photos, video and text messages that appear authentic with SK. That said, Love Is Blind couple Raven and SK took a break after their ill-fated wedding day. Although the couple have been pretty vague about the timeline of there getting back together, Raven made it pretty clear they had been back together officially for over a year.

“We’re still together, it’s been a while now,” she said in the interview on Nov. 10 to podcast host and Bachelor alumnus Nick Viall. “Like over a year, pretty much since filming. After filming, you know, we had a weird space for a while. He, I think within that week, had to move to California. So, we definitely had a long transition period where we like still talked. But I think it’s been a little over a year that we were officially like, ‘Okay, like you know, we’re going to be official and move forward, and kind of pick up where we left off. But there is so much love there. And, like, he’s literally my best friend. So yeah, we’ve been making it work between Texas and California.”

She also told Viall what she thought a long-distance relationship needs to work.

“But really, what makes it work for us is that we have such a strong foundation that’s really based in communication. So that I feel like is essentially what you need for a long-distance relationship. I trust him so much. And I also know that like we have such good communication skills between each other that if something’s wrong or someone needs a little bit extra, like for instance, having a rough week, we can be that for each other. So I think for me, what I’ve always looked for in a relationship is a really strong partnership, you know? And we really have that,” said Raven.

Hannah Beth, the accuser who alleges she took two trips with SK, provided a lot of evidence with her TikTok video. She set the video to private late Sunday around the time the breakup joint statement came out. In her video she claimed SK took her on a vacation to Europe a couple months after their Love Is Blind season ended. So Raven and SK apparently weren’t officially together then. However, she also claims they went on a romantic trip to Cabo, Mexico, in May 2022, well into the time Raven says SK and her were officially back together. Hannah also provided alleged texts between her and SK planning to go to Miami on a yacht trip in September 2022 that didn’t end up materializing.

Perhaps SK and Raven had an open relationship because they were doing long-distance. In that case they may argue his purported romantic liaison in Cabo with Hannah wouldn’t be cheating.

However, both ladies couched their language and gave their reasons for why they believe he may have been cheating. In order for SK to successfully sue for defamation, he’ll likely have to prove that the women knowingly lied about their allegations maliciously, as he claims in his most recent statement some involved did.

Raven and SK released a joint statement breaking up a couple days later and Raven put heart emojis on TikTok comments from fans talking about the cheating allegations and how she deserved someone better.

The best defense against a defamation lawsuit is truth, according to LA’s Kokozian Law Firm. Bascically, “the statement publicized about the plaintiff must be false in order to prove defamation.” That’s probably an uphill battle for SK at this point.

Hannah in her TikTok comments said she has lots of receipts and she spoke to her attorney and isn’t worried.

TikTok User @emmwho9 Posting A Beach Pic

TikTok User @emmwho9, who alleged SK of likely cheating on Raven by dating her after meeting on Hinge (TikTok).

Fans Speculate SK Could Be Sued By Love Is Blind Production Company

Love Is Blind stars sign ironclad, draconian contacts which includes having to pay $50,000 if they leave the show early. Some fans on Reddit are speculating SK doesn’t want to speak on the allegations due to a likely NDA he signed with Love Is Blind production company Kinetic Content. Accuser Hannah claimed that SK told her that he was in a “fake” relationship with Raven and they were pretending for money.

SK could not want to further draw attention to him potentially breaking his contract with the production company.

Ex Couple SK & Raven Could’ve Threatened Legal Proceedings As Libel Chill

Raven and SK could’ve included the “on-going legal proceedings” wording as a veiled threat to the accusers. Libel chill is when someone self-censors out of the fear of being sued for defamation. Even if the women have truth on their side, spurious lawsuits can cost a lot of money to defend. Both women deleted the videos on Sunday around the time of the breakup statement. So if the intention of the “legal proceedings” language was to get them to remove the videos, it worked. Both women claim they removed the videos because they served their purpose in telling the truth and they now want to move on.

However, SK’s statement Wednesday night suggests they’re still pursuing legal actions for allegedly false and malicious claims.

Finally, Raven mentioned in her comment section of TikTok that Hannah allegedly tried to “extort” her and SK. The on-going legal proceedings could be in relation to the claim of attempted extortion.

So far, Hannah claims she hasn’t received any legal notice of a lawsuit against her from SK.

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