Below Deck S11: Barbie’s Dad Is Proud Of His Daughter’s Time On Show

Below Deck S11: Barbie's Dad Is Proud Of His Daughter On WWHL Appearance

Argentinian-American stewardess Barbie Pascual appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live alongside Below Deck season 11 costar Paris Field to talk about the show and what she’s up to these days. During the filming of the show, the daddy’s girl was asked about her relationship with deckhand Kyle Stillie today and who’s she dating today. Host Andy Cohen even had a question for Barbie’s dad about what he thought about her time on the show. Barbie’s dad made it clear he’s very proud of his daughter regardless of her hooking up with a costar while on superyacht St. David.

After Barbie couldn’t resist her feelings for Kyle any longer, the two hooked up on a crew night out before the last couple of charters. Barbie freaked out the next day and was appalled she’d broken her dad’s golden rule when she decided to go on a reality TV show: don’t hook up with someone while on the show. It looks like Barbie may have did a good job hiding her romantic relationship with Kyle while off the boat between filming up until near the end.

When Barbie appeared on WWHL, a fan asked Barbie why she decided to go on the show if she knew her dad may not approve of some of her behavior.

Barbie's businessman dad Gabriel and sex therapist mom Sandra

Barbie’s businessman dad Gabriel and sex therapist mom Sandra (Bravo).

Below Deck Season 11 Stew Barbie’s Dad Is Proud Of Her He Says On Watch What Happens Live

“So when I showed my dad the show, there was like a clip of people hooking up and I looked at him and I was like ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to be doing that.’ So that was like a standard that I had. And I thought I was going to keep to it. But you know, life got in the way… Something like happens. I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I mean, I think it’s like common. Have you ever gone through something where your family wants a certain path for you, and then you choose a different one?” Barbie said to Cohen.

“Everyone goes through that struggle and I just unfortunately went through it on TV, sorry dad,” Barbie added, with her dad and mom in the audience laughing. Barbie also further explained why she was so upset with Kyle flashing his kilt.

Barbie also officially confirmed she and Kyle are no more. “Um, you know, no,” Barbie told Cohen, but she did find it cute when he was falling in love with her. “I actually thought it was really cute. One of my fans commented on my picture saying they’re watching the real-life Titanic play out on TV. And that he’s Jack and I’m Rose. It’s kind of cute, honestly.”

“So up until now, are you okay with everything that’s happened on the show, or did she besmirch the family name?” Cohen asked Barbie’s dad Gabriel Pascual.

“Thank God she did not. So I’m very happy where we are at,” said Barbie’s patriarch, before being asked if he was proud of her for caring about his approval. “Yes, yes. And how hard she worked.

Barbie also revealed she’s dating someone new, too.

“I have a boyfriend, super in love,” Barbie said, before clarifying if he’s a yachtie. “No, and he’s Jewish and he wears pants.”

Costar Paris also revealed on the same episode of WWHL how her ex Jake Foulger from Below Deck season 9 made her look like an idiot.

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